Tuesday, June 17, 2014


When East Coast residing Shelby Jensen, a cute, headstrong, realist, meets alpha male Clay Jones, a good-looking, sexy Wyoming rancher, sparks fly. They live on opposite ends of the country. He’s a player and she’s loyal to the core. He has a ‘live in the moment’ philosophy and she is a cautious, love leery woman. In spite of these differences, passions erupt when these two strong personalities explore the scorching physical and emotional chemistry connecting them. Should they take A Chance For More?

Shelby needed a cab. She was pissed. Crap in Jersey she’d find a cab. Here in friggin Wyoming she'd have more luck hailing a horse. Realizing how ridiculous it was to be walking around in the crazy ass snowstorm, Shelby ducked into the first bar boasting a welcome sign. It was a bit of a dive, but it was warm. The only one in the entire place was a bartender. Perfect, she didn’t want company. She went to the bar and hoisted herself onto the stool and ordered a beer as she tried to regroup.

She had known he was a player. She should have kept Clay at friend status. Shelby had simply let her libido take over. She felt like an idiot. She just could not understand how he could go from sweet and attentive to making out with another girl in a matter of minutes. His friends must be having quite a laugh at her expense right now. No one had tried to even stop her when she left. She sickened again at the image of Clay kissing the leggy girl.

Shelby was nursing her beer and fiddling with her cocktail napkin. She failed to notice the two leather clad bikers that had strolled in. They closed in on either side of her, which jolted her back from her self-reprimanding. They reeked of alcohol, reefer, and motor oil.

“Hey Missy you need a refill?” The smaller biker asked as he pressed his chest against her back. Shelby looked from one man to the other. Geez could this night get worse. These jerks were seriously pulling this shit. Shelby was small but she took no crap, no matter who was dishing it.

“You miss the health class about self space?” She glared at the rude biker as she tried to stand up to leave.

“Ha-ha! I like that. You’re feisty.” The other biker chimed in.
Shelby looked down the bar towards the bartender to see he had disappeared.  She was on her own with these morons.
“Boys you need to go find someone else to play with. I’ve had a shit day.”
Shelby was on her feet and heading for the door.

The larger of the men grabbed Shelby by the arm and pulled her back so she crashed roughly against his barrel like chest. “We kind’a like playing with you.”
“Let go of me you ass hole.” Shelby kicked him in the shins but it didn’t seem to affect him. Crap, not good she thought. A prickle of real fear had her feeling the hair rise on the back of her neck. The other A-hole was enjoying the show, laughing, calling out instructions like, “Try to kiss her” and “does she got big tits?”

Shelby tried to wrench her arm free but the bulky man had a firm grip on her. She looked for the bartender hoping he had returned. Panic gripped Shelby, she was really in trouble here. A loud thud had her and her drunken detainer turning to see what had made the noise. The smaller, mouthy biker was knocked out cold under a nearby table, and very lethal looking Clay was shaking out a hand, a hand that had obviously put the smaller biker where he lay.

Clay closed his large hand over the large bikers thick, leather - encased forearm, ripping his hand off of Shelby’s arm.  Shelby moved away quickly to stay out of his reach and stumbled awkwardly to the floor landing hard on her butt.  Clay and the biker were trading serious blows. Shelby watched Clay land punches that had the biker grunting as they landed. The biker picked up a chair and Clay turned to deflect the blow with a raised arm his shoulder taking the brunt of the blow as the chair shattered on impact. Clay launched himself at the biker gripping the biker’s leather coat and heaving him against the bar. The inebriated bikers head snapped back from the force of his body hitting the bar. Clay took advantage by landing a brutal punch to the large man’s solar plexus. He then finished the staggering man off with a devastating blow to his chin; an upper cut that cracked the biker’s head back.  Shelby heard bones crack and knew Clay had just busted the ass holes jaw. The large bikers eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slumped to the floor unconscious.

Shelby remained on the floor. Clay flexed his shoulder that had been hit with the chair and shook his hand out again. Clays knuckles were scraped and he a welt emerging under his eye. He stepped back from the bar, breathing hard. Shelby could see that Clay’s posture was rigid. Waves of adrenalin coursed off him. His eyes were wild and sizzled with anger.  Clay stepped to Shelby and helped her up. He released her hand once she was standing.

Clays jaw was set tight as he inspected her from head to toe. Shelby began to shiver uncontrollably.  Clay had found her, beat the shit out of two men, one of them significantly larger, and he saved her sorry ass. Shelby also realized if he hadn’t she would have been in serious trouble. Clay ran his hand through his hair, and then abruptly turned from her. Seeing him turn from her crushed Shelby. She dropped her head into her hands and softly began to cry into her hands. Clay heard her and his heart crumbled.


Zanne Sweeney is a graduate from Kent State University. She is a teacher, and coach, who loves to write stories that she hopes her readers won’t want to put down. “That’s the ultimate compliment.”  

When she’s not teaching, coaching, or writing Zanne loves to spend time with her family and fun loving friends. She is a novice photographer, is a consummate sports fan, and never without a book to read. 

You can reach out to Zanne on Twitter @zanneweeney and on her Facebook like page: Zanne Sweeney - Author. https://www.facebook.com/zanne.sweeney.author?ref=hl 
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