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Blog Tour Wicked Nights by Lexie Davis

Wicked Nights Blog Tour

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Can a rule-breaking biker and a straight-laced lawyer find true love? When criminal defense attorney, Addison Pierce, has bullets flying at her head, the only person she can turn to is Mason Vaughn, President of the Wicked Angels Motorcycle Club.

As her client, he vowed to protect her from any repercussions of taking on his case.

However, as much as Addison needs protection from Mason’s known enemies, she doesn’t need a complication like Mason in her life.

As she delves into the world of motorcycle clubs, she struggles with the ethics of her professional relationship with Mason turning into a more personal one.

Mason’s world includes motorcycles, sex and the ever-present, law-defying anarchy known within his club.

Addison stands against most of Mason’s tactics for keeping her safe, but starts to question her own feelings for him.

Can a biker and a lawyer find true love amongst the chaos found in this rebellious world?

I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.

Wow Hot I just finish reading this book, and let me just that I love it, have to say their where part in this book that got me mad, but I love every single minute of it, I love the characters, and love the way the book turn out to be, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

The story begging with Mason, his is the president the Wicked Angel MC, after being in in prison for almost six month, he is finally free thanks to his attorney Addison, she is a criminal defense, he is in the middle of banging some blonde girl, that was waiting for him as part of the celebration from being free, when Addison spoke from his door, to let him know that he had a court date in two weeks, Mason told her that him and the club will protect her, she told him that she will see him in two weeks, now she is seating at her office when she hear the gun shots, she throw herself on the floor, and end up calling Mason telling what's going on, Mason tell her to stay low that he will be their for her, what Addison did not expected was to feel what she was feeling for him, let alone that was the night that was gone change their life, Mason know what he wants and he want Addison, will Addison cave in and let him protect her and love her.

I really love and enjoy reading this book, I love the Banter that its going on between Mason and Addison, love it how he show her how much he love her, and that sex scene are hot, Author Lexie Davis THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome book and this amazing characters love it.

“Nice place,” she said, finding her voice. “Is this where you woo your women?”

He smiled. “No wooing of women here.”

“No, you just hike their skirts up and nearly flash all your goons in the parking lot of a shot-up attorney’s office.”

He climbed off and held his hand out for her. She took it, trying to figure out how to get off the damn motorcycle gracefully. She thought about asking him to turn around, but he looked pretty damn entertained by her predicament. The bike, by nature, forced her legs apart and he made no notion of glancing anywhere but her crotch. She gave up and slung her leg over, ripping her skirt.

“God, I hate motorcycles.” She said it even though she knew she was a liar. She stood on the hard ground and pulled her skirt down the best she could. The tear went up nearly two inches from her crotch not giving her much modesty. She grabbed her shoes and purse from the panniers.

“Really? You didn’t seem to hate it too much on the ride here.” He licked his lips. “You were humping my back the entire way.”

She met his eyes. God, she did practically hump his back. He pulled her against him and she barely had time or room to move away. Then she tried to keep from rubbing against the seat and that only meant it rubbed against Mason. She put on her poker face. “I am not wet. And I was not humping your back. I’m in a skirt. Do you know what it’s like to be in a skirt on a motorcycle? No, I didn’t think so.”

He tried to hide a smile and lost. “Then I guess you’re glad you’re wearing panties.”

She scoffed. “Asshole.”

He kept his eyes on her almost to the point it became uncomfortable. She stuffed her feet in the tight Louboutins. “I don’t have any clothes.”

“You won’t need them.”

Meet the Author

Lexie's love for writing began when she wrote her first play in fourth grade. With a big imagination and love for creating worlds, she wrote several more scripts that have placed first in contests. 

She loves to read but didn't pick up a romance novel until high school and fell in love with the genre. Now she writes steamy stories, with heartfelt characters, letting her imagination take her wherever it may go.