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Title: Finding June

Author: Caitlin Kerry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 4, 2014


Tell me your story June....

June thought she had it all. She soon found out how wrong she was. Her dreams of finding the good life were washed away when she was dumped on the sandy beaches of Mexico. Now back in Boise as an overeducated server, she doesn't even know where to begin on fixing her life. But one thing June does know is the new guy at work is one to stay away from. Reece Day catches June's attention, even if she doesn’t want it. Reece has the uncanny ability to always get in the last word, to get under June’s skin, making her question what she really wants in life. June quickly realizes that for the first time in her life, she finally has the chance to find herself.

*Finding June is recommended for ages 17+ due to adult matters*


I was provide a copy of the book by the author for an honest review.

I just finish reading this book and I love it, love the characters, and love the way this book turn out to be, this book had me laughing in more than one way, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

The story begging with June, June is a young woman she though she had everything, a job she love and a boyfriend, but that all change when they took a trip to Mexico, that was the vacation that change her life, her Ex boyfriend dump her, after that happened she decide to take time for her self, she spend the last three month in Portland, she met some cool people and made some friends, now she moved back to Boise, and gets her old waitressing job back, on the her first day back to work, she bump into the sexy stranger Reece, what June was not expecting was to have the weird feeling that she was getting, Reece knew what he wanted and he wanted June, the problem is that June don't want a relationship, but Reece don't have a problem with waiting for her to get her life back on track. Would she find her way and let Reece in or would she keeps her wall tight up.

I really love and enjoy reading this book, I love the Reece is with June, love it when he does things just to get under her skin. This is one of those books that once you start reading you cant put it down, I love the book from the first to the last page, Author Caitlin Kerry THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing characters and this awesome book love it


I placed a kiss on his forehead like he had done to me so many times. I then kissed each of his closed eyes, moving down to the tip of his slightly crooked nose. He started to make very appreciative noises, as I finally kissed him softly on the lips. This finally woke him up and his eyes sleepily opened. Yep, this was perfection right here.

I went in to kiss him again, and this time he was responsive as he kissed me back. We made out like teenagers hiding behind the bleachers, we couldn’t get enough of each other. His kisses were addictive and all I wanted to do was lie in this bed and make out all day. I didn’t even care about moving forward, this kissing was amazing. Reece shifted and suddenly I was underneath him, his hands running up my body.

Okay, maybe I did want to move forward.

His mouth moved to my neck, using his warm lips to lazily trail hot kisses from below my ear to my collarbone. His hands moved underneath my shirt and laid heavily on my waist as he claimed my mouth again. His hands and mouth were making me feel like there was this burning heat deep within me, coursing through my body, lighting me up and trying to find a way to shine, to release the built up energy. Our kisses were innocent in nature, but made me feel like I was drowning in desire, gasping for air and searching for the surface.

Suddenly I heard a Jolene say from below, “Incoming!” I tensed as I heard it, and then I felt something hard hit the bed. I gave a loud eek as Reece chuckled and moved away from me to find the object that had ruined the moment. Reece searched through the down comforter that was in a tangle of knots to find an orange.

Hooker was throwing fruit at me!

“Jo, what the fuck? Why are you throwing fruit at us?” I yelled as I reached for my glasses.

“Breakfast, come down and get it! Sounds like you guys need some fuel,” Jo stated.

I knew she was just trying to piss me off. I wasn’t making that much noise. Was I? Oh fuck, I probably was. As I swung my legs over the bed, Reece stopped me. “Wait, one for the road,” he said, leaning me back and kissing me. I could get used to this. 

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About the Author

Caitlin Kerry is obsessed with the stories we tell. Her love of reading and writing led her to accomplish a goal she set for herself at the age of seventeen. She has a degree in History and Political Science and is only a semester away from a Masters in Public Administration. Caitlin is an avid tea drinker, hopeful adventurer, lover of music and often finds the best medicine is the quiet of nature.
When Caitlin isn't writing or reading she usually can be found enjoying the great outdoors with her geologist husband, always looking for the next adventure. She currently resides in Southeastern Idaho. I love meeting new people. Feel free to say hi!