Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blog Tour Up for Grabs by Heather Young-Nichols and Swoon Romance‏

By Heather Young-Nichols
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Releasing May 6, 2014
Published by Swoon Romance
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When Flannery Tate left home for a college halfway across the country in Michigan, she'd only planned on getting an education. But when Cain Dorsey walked into her life, she had no choice but to fall for him. However, what’s a girl to do when her scholarship well runs dry? Return home? Get a job?

Flannery gets creative. She decides to sell the most precious and valuable thing she can - her virginity - to the highest bidder. When Cain discovers her plan, their world crumbles. Will they be able to move past her betrayal and find a way back to each other? Or, is this the beginning of the end? UP FOR GRABS is a story of love, heartbreak and truth.

I was provide a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.

I just finish reading this book, and I love it, love the characters, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

Flannery is a collage student, she is doing everything she could to stay in school, she don't have money, and she don't come from money, so that make her work even harder, she is study hard to keep good grade, for she could keep her scholarship, she don't party and she don't pay attention to guys, but all that change the moment that they put her, in a group work for one of her classes, she was not happy about it, since her teammate slack off and she is left with doing the work. But what she was not expecting was to meet Cain, after spending time together, they developed a flirty relationship that turned into more. would he become her distraction and finish school, or will she let him distract her and lose her scholarship.

I really love and enjoy reading this book, I love the way this two characters are with each other, Author Heather Young Nichols THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing characters and this awesome boo love it.

About the Author
I have been writing since I was a kid when I wrote short stories for my mom and gave them to her as gifts. She loved it. Then I wrote my first novel length story in 2009 and have been going strong since then.
So I love coffee (usually the cold kind), I love books (usually the hot kind). If I’m not writing (which I do a lot of) and I’m not spending time with my family, you can find me with a book or my Kindle. I still prefer print and buy my favorites even when I already have them digitally but I do use my Kindle relentlessly.
September 2013 was the month things got real. I signed my very first book deal with Swoon Romance that I am totally hand flapping and nerdy dancing over.