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Meet Shayla Jones, your typical Midwestern girl who, after moving to Palm Beach, is taken in by socialite, McKenzie Carmichael, for a night on the town that will forever change her life. Shay knows her new friend is bad news, but she has to play nice if she wants to learn her way around and meet all the right people. Besides, she set out to let go of her good girl image, and that is exactly what she intends to do—with Jared. When McKenzie ultimately strands Shay at an after-hours party, she knows she needs to cut ties with her new friend, but if she does, will she ever see Jared again? Follow the adventure as Shay is faced with decisions that will challenge her morals as she slips into a night of drugs and passion. From blowing up in the club, to coming down on the beach, One Night with Molly will leave you begging for more. ***18+ ADULT CONTENT: DRUG USE, SEX, PROFANITY***

I was provide a copy by the author for an honest review.

Ok so I have to say that this was really different from what I read, like how the book started, now I cant wait to read about whats going to happened next. I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

The story begging with Shayla, she leave in a small town in Ohio, and all she ever wanted to do was to get out of their, she drops out of collage and move to West Palm Beach, everything is going great for her, into she meets McKenzie, on the night before her first shift on her new job, she decide to go out with Mckenzie, what she did not expected was for how the night would turn out to be, during the night she start to notice that Mckenzie is not a good person, and that the people around her are bad news, during the night she meets Jared, and the next day when she see the time, and know that she needs to get out of their to find Mckenzie, Jared let her know that Mckenzie had left hours ago, this surprise Shayla cause she did not thing that Jared would be pay attention, but she was wrong, Jared had been paying attention to her since the first met, he just did not like who her friend was, this was the night that change Shayla life.

I really enjoy reading this book, I did not like how it end it since it has a cliff hanger, I cant wait to read whats gone happened next, author Renee Trofe THANK YOU for introducing me to this characters and this great book.

Meet the Author

Renee Trofé spent most of her life as a 'Jane of all trades' before finally settling on her first true love ... writing. From phone sex operator to bartender, Renee has seen and heard it ALL. As an up and coming new adult author, her style is a bit more edgy, touching on a variety of real life topics ranging from drug use to irresponsible sex.
Her guilty pleasure is devouring new adult and erotica books, and her favorite pastime is spending her days on the beach with her kindle, downloading the latest sizzling best-seller, and daydreaming about the hot sex scenes which she will play out in the bedroom later.
She shares a home at the beach with her fiance which ultimately belongs to their weiner dog, Lola. Yep, it's Lola's world -- they are just living in it.
Reneé adores her life and wouldn't have it any other way.


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