Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Title: Freeing Tuesday
Author: Katheryn Kiden
Genre: Contemporary & Suspense Romance
Publication Date: March 29, 2014

Tuesday Weston has been running from everything and everyone for as long as she can remember. Not letting anyone in for fear of putting them in danger.

How long can you run from your past until the secrets pile up so high the world you've created comes crumbling down?

Evan Williams has a well known reputation. Forget flavor of the week, he prefers flavor of the moment. When he meets a girl that threatens to change his lifestyle, he can’t help but run through as many women as he can to get her out of his head.

Unfortunately for him, that kind of thing never goes as planned.

When Evan forces Tuesday to see what is right in front of her, will she run and hide or stand and fight?


I was provide a copy of the book by the author for an honest review.

Holy Smoke I just finish reading this book, and I love it, love the characters and love how the book turn out to be, their is so much going on in this book, and I have to say that this book made me mad sometime, but I love it from the first page to the very last, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

The story begging with Tuesday, she was remembering her past, she has a very dangerous past, and she is trying to be on the down load, she keeps everyone at arms length cause she don't want to put no one in danger, when she hears a knock at her door that brings her out of her memories, opening the door the she find herself face to face with Evan. Evan is one sexy hunk but is also a player, always with woman around, but the one that he really wants is Tuesday, but he is trying to keep her as friend, in the mean time Tuesday is always acting like the tough girl, and Evan always know when she is faking something, and he is always trying do something to make her smile or talk, but Tuesday know that she cant open up to no one specially Evan, cause she don't want to put him or her friends in danger, would Evan and Tuesday get pass by their issues and be together, or would they let their past get between their happiness.

I really enjoy and love reading this book, love the way that Evan and Tuesday act with each other, this is one book that you must read it, Author Katheryn Kiden THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing characters and this awesome book love it.

Katheryn Kiden was born in Boothbay Harbor Maine in 1989 and raised in Newcastle. She was raised with four brothers. Katheryn graduated when she was sixteen and has been writing since she was young. When she isn’t attached to a keyboard you can usually find her with her two younger brothers, friends, or with a camera in her hand.

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