Monday, April 14, 2014

BLOG TOUR for Checked by Jennifer Jamelli‏

Callie spends countless hours staring at appliances to make sure they are really unplugged. She wastes obscene amounts of time checking for murderers in various corners of her house and entire sleepless nights performing pointless checking rituals. Then every spare minute is filled with inspecting doorknobs, chairs, floors, etc. for minuscule traces of germs. Oh, and she does all of this as she counts to three over and over again in her head. She does this every day. Without fail. Dr. Blake just doesn't fit into her schedule. Until he does. Until Callie begins to trust him. Until she starts to need him. And want him. And . . .

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I was provide a copy by the Author for an honest review.

I just finish reading this book, I really like it I like the characters, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away. I have to be honest though this book sometime made me mad, cried and made me feel the pain that characters was going through, but I love every single minute of from the first page to the very last.

Callie is a woman who have to deal with OCD every second of every day, she have to face with a needing set of self-imposed routines, phobias, and have to deal with her own hell on earth, she is always checking to make sure that she is following her routine, and when she is in an uncomfortable situations, she start thinking about popular song lyrics that would make her feel better. she start to get her self more comfortable, when she start her therapy with Dr. Aiden Blake, now Aiden is a professional and he has invested to help out Callie, but Aiden also have his own demon to deal with, during the time that Aiden and Callie spend together, they become friends Aiden is determined to avoid medicating her. I cant wait to read the following book cause I want to know whats gone happened next. I really enjoy reading this book, and I could say that I will see OCD in a totally different way for now on, Author Jennifer Jamelli THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing book and this awesome characters love it.

Jennifer Jamelli has spent most of her life reading and writing; she holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English, and she is an 8th grade English teacher. 

She also directs a musical production each school year. Her most recent show was Beauty and the Beast.
Jennifer lives with her husband and her four-year-old son.

She, like the main character in her debut novel, has a rather hopeless case of OCD.



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