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 Reed Software and Securities Company: A publically traded tech company with a hidden agenda. They are hired to take on some of the most difficult covert operations and contracts the government won’t acknowledge. As the new CEO and face of Reed Software and Securities Company, Jacob Reed has been trying to get out of the family business as a covert operator. Lately he’s been fantasizing about settling down, living a normal life away from the paparazzi, guns, and drug lords. Katie Wilson loves her job as a broadcast journalist for Channel 10 news. She is just beginning to explore her career when she gets the lead on a new story that could blow up an international sex trafficking operation. When their jobs force their paths to explosively collide, Katie is caught in the crossfire and has no memory of that night. A year will pass before fate seemingly draws them together and he saves her a second time. Now that Jacob has unknowingly brought Katie into his world, she’s become a target for danger from an unknown source… and this time he refuses to let her go at all costs.

I was provide a copy of the book by the Author/Publisher for an honest review.

O.M.G. I just finish reading this book and I love it, I want more wholly smoke I love the characters and love how it turn out to be, their is so much going on in this book, this book have a little of everything romance, passion, suspense, and mystery, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

The story begging with Jacob he just got home from his last assignment, and he is ready to take it easy, he is ready to settle down and have a family, and he have one person in mind that's Katie, she is the broadcast journalist for Channel 10 news, Jacob always pay attention to the tv when she's on but only to fantasy about her, while his watching the news he get a call letting him know that theirs a meeting with his brother, since he is the CEO and face of Reed Software and Securities Company he knew he needed to be their, on the other end Katie gets a email about a story, and one night Katie and her cameraman Tully are trying to get the story but things go wrong and end up changing their life, now a year later she is trying move on with her life, during that year Jacob had kept an eye on her, when life throw them back together and danger come crashing into Katie front door, their life change again, and Jacob is not letting nothing or anyone take Katie away from him.

I really love and enjoy reading this book, I love the way that Katie is, she is strong, feisty, sweet, I love her attitude, and what can I say about Jacob he is an alpha male, but at the same time he is adorable, and I love the way that he protect Katie, love the passion that they have for each other, I cant wait to read the next book in this series, Author M.C. Cerny THANK YOU for this amazing characters and this great book love it.

Jacob was on her like prey. He really hoped it wasn’t her and her friend who had screwed up their operation here seven ways to Sunday. “Come on out, miss. I just want to talk to you. It’s okay. We’re a security team. You won’t be in any trouble if you just cooperate.”
Jacob could hear her heavy breathing as she struggled to keep it under control. Her shoes clicked on the flooring as she tried to hide. Hauk barked once, then twice, alerting him to her presence near his location on the second level of the warehouse. She could feel the animal’s hot breath and the bottom of his large paws as he jumped up to herd her where he wanted her. Katie chose that moment to run out from her hiding spot, charging towards him and hoping to make the back staircase.
“Stop!” Jacob was in pursuit.
He watched the accident happen as if it were in slow motion. The woman feigned to the right, then left, where she tripped over a pipe in her ridiculous spindly shoes. As she caught herself, a chain on the floor got caught on her heel. She tripped again but, this time, she was unable to right herself and she fell hard, hitting her head on the floor. Holstering his weapon, Jacob rushed over. She was unconscious and, as he turned her body over, a large lump was already forming on her forehead. This could only get worse. She was going to have a hell of a shiner tomorrow. Her cheek was scratched, but he’d recognize her face anywhere, even in the dark. His gut clenched as he gingerly brushed hair back from her face. It was the stunningly beautiful Katie Wilson, the reporter from Channel 10 news. Fuck.
He heaved a heavy sign and called Nick on the com.  He knew this shit storm was going to take some cleaning up. “Nick, we have a problem.”

Meet the Author

Iphone pictures and videos 703M.C. Cerny lives with her daughter and her very own heroic Mr. Flashpoint with their three furry cats, who consider themselves more canine than feline. M.C. balances a fulltime career in the corporate world, while pursuing her dream of writing contemporary romantic suspense novels. Her first novel, Flashpoint is her debut novel in a series of post-it-note ramblings. After graduating from NYU with a Master’s Degree and various jobs she's finally settled down enough to let the quirky characters in her head lead the way. When M.C. is not writing, you’ll find her lurking in Starbucks, running marathons, and searching out the perfect shade of pink nail polish.

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