Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Tour Underestimated By Jettie Woodruff

Author: Jettie Woodruff
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication Date: June 26, 2013

Warning! This is not your everyday fall in love romance. This book contains disturbing situations, strong language, graphic, sexual content, some forced, some not. If it's your happily ever after love story that you are looking for, you should probably move on. If you are up for the ride, stick around and it may just turn into a love story after all.

Morgan starts her life in a bad situation, she doesn't really know what she wants out of life. She's never had anyone to look up to, or help guide her in the right direction. She had it rough, and never dreamed that it could get worse, however she finds that it can, and does.
She learns what real hell is when she meets the husband that she doesn't want to marry, but isn't given a choice. Can she escape? She can, and does only to wake up and find herself right back at square one

5 Stars

I got this book for when it was free on Amazon. First let me say that this is the first book that I read from this author.

I just finish reading this book a while back, I was trying to see how to write this review, this book got me so mad sometime, that I just kept asking my self how much cant a woman take just to survive, don't get me wrong I love the book and love the characters, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

This is the story of Morgan ( A.K.A. ) Ryle, Morgan have had a tough life ever since she was little, her mother left her, her father an alcoholic, she leave in a trailer with her father, the state took her brother away from them so it was only her and her father, before she turn eighteen she met Drew and he told her that she was gone married him. One night she heard someone talking to her father it was Drew he offer him money for his daughter, on her eighteenth birthday Drew show up at her house with a doctor, she did not know what was going on, but she knew that her life was gone change for ever, once they got to his mansion everything started changing, into she had enough and decide to run away, when she got to her new place she change her name and started to have a new life.

Morgan has gone through so much abuse physical and sexual for the last six years. I love it how the author took the book back to when she had flash back telling the story of her marriage, love it how Morgan became such a strong person and she needed to learn how to leave life again. I am so ready to read the second book which is Drew point of view, Author Jettie Woodruff THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing characters and this awesome book love it.

Writing is more than a passion for me. I write adult books, romance and erotica. I did recently try my hand at a young adult romance, but because of the gutter that my mind seems to fall into. It quickly went into rated R mode. I reside in Ohio. I love living in Ohio, except maybe the cold winters, and the snow, well maybe the hot summers too. Ah hell, I hate Ohio.

I love to push my limits in writing, fuel the senses and emotions of my readers. I have some great supporters and love them all dearly.

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