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She's suffered the very worst of betrayals.

 And now Sarah's facing a divorce she never expected.

 With Christmas round the corner, what better time to
 re-evaluate her life? As she reconsiders every choice
 she's made, she starts to wonder if her life was so
 perfect after all.

 This winter, lose yourself in Sarah's world of unmade
 decisions, lost friends and old flames...

I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.

WOW I just finish reading this book, and I don't even know where to start from, well I love it, love some of the characters, this book had me angry, really angry I felt like throwing my kindle across the room, but I love every second of it, I read this book in one day I couldn't put the book down. I am gone tried to keep this short.

This is the story of Sarah she is thirty three years old, she's a lawyer, and she is happily married to her husband Tim, oh she though she was happy, into the day that she got out of court early and decide to go home, once she got home she did not notice anything different, that all change when she walk into her room, and found her husband in a doggie style position with another woman, and not just another woman but her older sister, that day she kick him out of the house, while the days are passing by she notice that her sister and her soon to be ex husband move in together, more day had pass by and it was Thanksgiving, that night she end up going to her best friend house, and have Thanksgiving with them, that night her mother called her to give her the news that Tim was in the hospital. He was in the ICU in a coma, while days in their, Sarah started to uncover stuff from her past, and one day MR Tall Sexy and Handsome Alec Frasier walks in, and everything started to change for her, while everything was almost to normal, Tim wakes up from the coma, and he don't remember what he did to Sarah, would Sarah take that chance to get her old life back, or will she stay with the new life that she have now.

I really love and enjoy reading this book, but I have to say I couldn't stand her mother, her mother should had have her side and not her sister, now the sister let me just say I call her every single name of the book, a sister shouldn't do what she did, I just couldn't stand her at all, and Tim really if really love Sarah he shouldn't had done that all.

Now what can I say about Alec nothing much, just that I love his character, I love how he is with Sarah, and love it that he understand her, and love how they are together. Author Megan Crane TAHNK YOU for introducing me to this awesome characters and this amazing book love it.

It could be worse.

I made the words my mantra. A daily chant, an affirmation—and the best

part was that it was true. It could, in fact, always be worse. Pestilence. Famine.

Disease. Death.

Any of those were much worse, obviously, than my own puny little grief.

There were so many people who got divorced. Many of them had no idea

that their marriages were even in trouble until it was all over, just like me. I

wasn’t the only one, the only fool. I couldn’t be. Just like I couldn’t possibly be

the only one with the great misfortune to come home unexpectedly and find her

spouse in bed with someone else.

It could be worse. Couldn’t it?


Megan Crane is a New Jersey native who had great plans to star on Broadway, preferably in Evita, just like Patti LuPone. Sadly, her inability to wow audiences with her singing voice required a back up plan. Accordingly, she graduated from Vassar College and got her MA and PhD in literature from the University of York in England. 

She wrote her doctoral dissertation on AIDS literature, mostly so she could wallow in her obsession with the remarkable multi-media artist David Wojnarowicz and her idol, the bitter and hilarious David Feinberg. After many years in the rain and subject to the whim of seasons, she followed the sun to Los Angeles, where she lives with a dog, a cat, two crazy kittens, and an artist named Jeff. She is still plotting her Broadway debut.


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