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Sarra Cannon 3 Year Indie-versary 1

We are celebrating three years of Indie publishing success with Sarra Cannon, author of the bestselling series the Peachville High Demons. Over the past three years, Sarra has sold over 150,000 copies of her young adult and new adult novels and would like to say thank you to all the fans who made it possible with special book prices, event, news, and giveaways!


The next book in the Peachville High Demon series is a novella all about Jackson! This novella is scheduled to release November 4th!

November 4th: 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Sarra is hosting a Facebook event for the release of A Demon’s Wrath! She will be giving away 100 + eBooks, prints, and swag from authors such as H.M. Ward, RaShelle Workman, Shelly Crane and S.M. Reine. Sarra will also announce the title in the new Demon spin-off series! If you would like to attend, please RSVP on the Facebook Event page: or simply stop by!  
ALSO, right now, the Box Set for the Peachville High Demons series is on SALE!

The Peachville High Demons series, Books 1-3 Box Set. Catch up on this bestselling series and get the first three books for only $2.99.
Just in time for Halloween, Sarra has her latest release, Death’s Awakening (Eternal Sorrows, #1), at a special price of .99 cents!
Releasing November 1st!
New Adult novella set in the Fairhope series!
Part of the 12 NA’s of Christmas: 12 New Adult Novellas by 12 Bestselling Authors
Other titles in the Fairhope series

About the Author
An Amazon Top 100 Best Selling Author! Sarra Cannon writes contemporary and paranormal fiction with both teen and college age characters. Her novels often stem from her own experiences growing up in the small town of Hawkinsville, Georgia, where she learned that being popular always comes at a price and relationships are rarely as simple as they seem. Her bestselling Young Adult paranormal series, Peachville High Demons, has sold over 140,000 copies and been featured on Amazon's Top 100 eBooks for Children & Teens. The first book in the series, Beautiful Demons, will be adapted into a graphic novel by Sea Lion Books later this year, and a spin-off series will begin in 2014. She is a devoted (obsessed) fan of Hello Kitty and has an extensive collection that decorates her desk as she writes. She currently lives in North Carolina with her amazingly supportive husband and her adorable son.   Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads  photo AToMRToursC66a-A00aT03a-Z_mdm_zpsa3cc6896.jpg a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Eye Telling

Eye Telling is an erotic romance.
Katherine Newheart is engaged to her dull fiancĂ©, Matthew O'Connor, who's just been made a partner in Katherine’s father’s law firm.
When she meets The Boy alias Benjamin Riley, everything changes. Katherine tries to hold back, keep her usual control but it fails because Benjamin is everything that Matthew isn’t and that makes him everything that Katherine needs and wants. He awakes her in more ways than one. Katherine ends all tangled up in a steamy hot and passionate love affair with Benjamin. She tries to break if off with Matthew but all of a sudden, he turns into a complete monster and starts being violent towards her, threatening her about some fatal information he has about her family. Katherine can’t stay away from Benjamin, even though she’s perfectly aware that she might jeopardize it all but her love for Benjamin is strong, stronger than her own control. But how strong is Katherine's control when it all comes down to it? Is the passionate love between her and Benjamin enough for her to start doing things just for her or will she end up in her controlling way again?
About The Author:
Hello, as you probably know already, my name is Maja. I’m 28 years old and live in Denmark.

I want to share a little bit about myself and my private life because I want to stay true to who I am and that’s being open and honest.

I’m a single mom to my precious son, Tobias. He’s my blessing and teacher in life – that may sound a little weird but he’s shown me so much, thanks to him, I’ve learned how to fight and to keep on fighting. You see, my son is very sick from some unknown illness and doctors have given up but I haven’t and I will never ever give up.

Last year I read the Fifty Shades book series and loved it, obviously who didn’t?! Anyways, it got me thinking that maybe I should start writing again and let my imagination run wild. I started writing on another story, actually, from a man’s perspective but then Eye Telling came creeping in my mind and I started writing on that instead because I wanted to create a story where the lead male character isn’t a rich and career-minded man in an expensive designer suit but instead a regular but HOT guy who’s not as fortunate. He has a youthful clothing style and tattoos. He had a hell of a childhood but his ‘demons’ isn’t standing in the way of him wanting to be with Katherine (the lead female character).

In this story Katherine is the one who can’t seem to commit.

I never thought it would develop into a full length novel, but somehow it did and I’m so proud to have published my very own romance. It’s been a sweet escape for a sometimes rough everyday life and I can’t wait to share more of my stories.


Author Social Links:

I don’t have a blog that’s specifically an author blog because I started my blog a long time before I became an author and since I’m not writing short stories or poetry, I haven’t started a new blog site. My personal blog is all about me, life, feelings, ups and downs, hobbies etc. Feel free to check it out and subscribe. I love to receive comments.

Purchase Links:


- Nina Simone with “I Put A Spell On You”
- Mads Langer with “If This Is Cool” / “Last Flower”
- What Now with “Move Like A Sinner”
- The Gracious Few with “Honest Man” / “Guilty Fever” / “Crying Time” / “Silly Thing”
- Snow Patrol with “The Lightning Strike” / “Run” / “You Could Be Happy”
- Train with “Marry Me”
- Yeal Naim with “Lonely” / “Too Long”
- Marilyn Manson with “Coma White”
- Soley with “Bad Dream”
- Lenny Kravitz with “Can’t Get You Off My Mind”
- Soul Asylum with “Runaway Train”
- Kings Of Leon with “Revelry” / “Closer” / “The End”
- Annie Lennox with “Why” / “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”
- Colbie Calliat with “Fallin’ For You”
- Shoes For Julia with “Papercut” / “I Am The Other” / “Bringing On The Heartache”
- Howie Day with “So Much Love”
- Stone Temple Pilots with “Plush” / “Creep” / “Big Empty”
- Brenda Lee with “Ballin’ The jack” / “Hallelujah I Love Him So”
- Birdy with “Without A Word” / “Fire And Rain”
- Ayo with “How Many Times” / “Down On My Knees”
- Marie Mena with “Miss You Love”
- Passenger with “Let Her Go”
- Tyrone Wells with “Running Around In My Dreams”
- Finger Eleven with “Change The World
- Lukas Rossi with “Runaway” / “Heartbreaker” / “Evolution”
- Ron Pope with “Wherever You Go” / “One Grain Of Sand”
- Jenni Alpert with “Simple Mood”
- Bic Runga with “Captured”

My Review
Eye TellingEye Telling by Maja Flak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** I received and ARC for an honest review ****

Wow, Eye Telling was amazing I was hook, and this is what I was not expecting to like it at all, I'll have to say though at the beginning of this book I couldn't stand the main character Katherine, really at first I felt like getting her out of the story and smack her around, but then she grow on me and I end up liking her.Two different people, Two different worlds and one love of a lifetime, I don't even think its enough, Kate and Ben had me in tears, they just made my heart melt down.

Katherine Newheart is engaged to her fiancé, Matthew O'Connor he is a partner in Katherine father law firm that's where they met and being together for five years, Katherine has everything, she is wealthy business owner she is pampered, privileged she has Loving parents and friends, what else can she have that's where Benjamin Riley comes in, now Benjamin is everything from what Katherine will go for, he has tattoos but is very good looking with some amazing eyes, Katherine meets Benjamin one night when she's having car trouble and he decide it to help her out now what was that for, that's when their world turned up side down.

I am keeping this short cause I don't want to give nothing more away, I just want to say Thank You to Author Maja Flak for introducing me to this great story.

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Cover Reveal Section 51 and Department 51

Title: Section 51 ( Project Solstice Series)

By: VG Harrison

Released Date: November 12,2013

Adult Science Fiction
Empath  Ava Frost is searching for her triplet brother, Ian, who’s disappeared without a trace. When she learns he’s been murdered and his death covered up, she also discovers a terrifying secret that could endanger billions of people across the

Skinwalkers, vampires, and werewolves – the entire supernatural world, in fact – are the result of breeding between humans and aliens who crash-landed on earth thousands of years ago. Now, Section 51 is a super top-secret facility dedicated to splicing alien genes with human ones to create an unstoppable army of soldiers.

Determined to hunt down her brother’s killer, Ava inadvertently becomes the target of Colonel Briggs, the megalomaniac  in charge of Section 51. He has plans for Ava’s unique abilities…plans that would give him the key to world domination. And if she doesn’t unravel the mystery Ian left behind, Briggs will splice it out of her  as well as her last surviving brother.
Title: Department 51 ( Project Solstice Series)

By: VG Harrison

Released Date: November 12,2013

Adult Science Fiction
Ava Frost has spent the past three months mourning the death of her brother, Ian, but now she’s facing criminal charges from Department 51 – charges that could put her in federal prison for the rest of her life unless she accepts their "work release "deal.
She can hardly stand working for the organization she blames for the death of her brother, yet while on the Department 51 base, she makes a chilling discovery… a sentient, complex computer program called Ian 2 has been imprinted with her brother's anagrams. More shocking, the computer is linked to her brain, sharing the same organic metal as her cybernetic implant.

Department 51 wants her to disable Ian 2, but when an alien craft threatens the Earth, Ava discovers her brother’s computer program may be the only key to deciphering the invaders’ intentions. Can she use Ian 2 to stop the alien invasion? Or will she be forced to save herself when a band of supernaturals try to remove her implant and Ian 2 can't reach her?
About the Author
Science ficiton has been my love since I was a little kid who purposely tried to stay up at 11pm to watch Star Trek.  When Star Wars hit the scene, I would've given anything--even pay a total stranger--to watch it everyday at the movie theatre.  Of course, my parents would've yanked me out of my seat by the scruff of my neck. all-time favorite is Alien 2.  And here I thought Alien wouldn't be topped. 

So what does any of this have to do with my writing and me?  Well, I've been writing for a few years now and even though I watch a lot of sci-fi, I don't read it nearly as much of it as I do paranormal.  So, it made sense to combine the two and come up with my Project Solstice series. 

​Between the day job, family, and enjoying life as a North Carolinian implant, I'm catching up on episodes of The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, and Teen Wolf (it's a guilty pleasure--honest).  Of course, it helps when you own seasons of Firefly, Stargate, and Battlestar   Galactica  on DVD. As for Defiance, I'm really trying to get into it. So far, so meh.

Author’s social media links:





Cover Reveal It's A Shame

Grace and Cole were trying to put the pieces of their broken lives back in place, working towards a future together. It seems as though things were just starting to get back to normal. Well, as normal as things could be for the survivors of a twisted serial killer. What they didn't know, what neither of them expected, was that their nightmare was just beginning.
They were about to be pulled back into the clutches of a madman, but this time, they weren't the only potential victims.
Was their love strong enough to get them through the next disaster? Do they have what it takes to stay together, or is whats lurking
around the corner too much for them both?   

Buy Book 1 on AMAZON

Book 2 It's A Shame available November 11th

It's a Crime
by C.E. Hansen
Wealthy New York socialite Grace Preston uses men for amusement, holding her heart inside an ice fortress for protection. Spurned by a sociopathic male model, Grace picks up a new man with all the right moves; smooth as bourbon, Cole slides under her wall and touches her in places she thought were well-guarded. But after a weekend of fiery passion, he leaves, devastating her.
Original Price: $3.99
Get this deal:Amazon

The Broken Blog Tour‏

October  25



When River’s already broken life shattered further on her sixteenth birthday, she was forced to be with the wrong best friend of her brothers. She was meant for Sammy but circumstance and black mail forced her into a relationship with Danny, a troubled, abusive partner. Leaving the only boy she ever loved to flee. Now four years later he has returned. When her feelings and missing parts of herself that left with him return also, loyalty, restraint and love will be tested. Can she find a way to leave the threatening clutches of Danny, to finally be saved by her childhood love? Or will Danny’s hold on her tighten when more life shattering events consume their already troubled lives?

When Sammy returns home, after four years of being away from the girl that broke his heart , he’s not prepared for all his old feelings to force their way straight back into his heart. Questions that were left unasked when he left begin to plague him, when the sudden relationship between River and Danny all those years ago seems all the more confusing now. Secrets, mistrust and Danny’s possessive behavior sends up red flags and Sammy begins doubting himself for leaving in the first place. When the spark between Sammy and river finally ignites it will leave explosive consequences for everyone.
“Sammy!” I call out. Once we’re alone, he turns and rushes towards me, his hand swiping across my mouth to wipe Danny’s kiss away. “I know why you’re with him.”

My heart begins in drumming against my ribcage flashes of my past echoing in my mind.

“Blaydon told me the kind of love your dad had for you, River. That’s not love, and neither is guilting you into being with someone just because he knows your secrets. I love you. I love everything that you are.”

I stumble backwards, shaking. My mouth opens and the scared girl’s voice tumbles out. “Do you love all of me, Sammy? Because this,” I point down at myself, “this is a lie. This is the lie I show to you and Blaydon; the lie I wear every day for you and for everyone so you won’t have to see the damaged, broken girl underneath. This smile, these clothes, they’re not me. I’m
tainted, Sammy. I’m shattered. My mother took some of me with her when she died, my dad took some when he made me sit on his lap while he violated me, and more when he beat Blaydon for stopping him from raping me, and then you left, taking
the rest of me, leaving my soul bare and exposed for Danny to capture and hold hostage. Can you fix me, Sammy? Can you want something so ruined and destroyed? Can you put me back together and make me whole again? Because whatever is left of me, the real me, you have her. You own all of her, all that’s left. My thoughts, my
body, and my heart. Can you save me? Sammy, please save me. Please  save me.” I collapse to the ground and sob. Sammy bundles me into his lap and strokes my back. “Shh, don’t cry. I love you, and I’ll try every God damn day to save you, River, I promise. I’ll save you, baby.”
 About Ker Dukey:

When not lost in her mind of characters Ker can be found reading or spending time with family.

She has a passion for music, attending concerts with her sister and enjoying the occasional nights out with girlfriends.

She can also be found having in-depth chats about book boyfriends on face book in some amazing groups and blogs
Author Interview
Q. What inspired you to write this book?


A. I have many stories and characters that plague me and demand to be written. Life is not always a fairy tale, some people’s
stories, lives are darker and inspire just as much as the lighter romantic ones.

Q. If you were a character in your book, who would you be?

A. Although she has been through a lot it would have to be River. She’s strong, a survivor, a fighter…..and she gets Sammy

Q. When did you start writing?

A. I have always loved writing stories since I was a little girl. In My teens I loved to write lyrics, it grew from  there.

Q. Favourite book boyfriend?

A. Has to be the delicious Kellan Kyle ….drool!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Review
The BrokenThe Broken by Ker Dukey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** I received an ARC copy for an honest review *****

Wow I don't even know where to start with this review, I love this story OMG I cried got angry and I couldn't stand some of the characters. I don't want to give nothing away, but I could tell you this is a story that you really need to read, I love the twist that it has and how the story kept me thinking who did all the bad things was the wrong person but no surprised their after showing the true color it was clear to me, I really enjoy this book.

I have to say this book had me in a emotional roller coaster, there was time where I was like what the hell is going on that's how dark this story is, we have the crazy boy friend who is so crazy in the head and obsess, we have the brother who is an abused on drug just for he wont have to feel the pain that's inside of him, we have the best friend who will do anything and everything to protect his friends, and the we have both main characters who we get to see how broken and mess up they are.

River had a tough life growing up she was all ready broken, but her life became more shattered on her sixteenth birthday, when her brother best friend black mail her, the only thing that kept her going was her dancing after four years of suffering the love of her life returned, and she became more alive cause of him, and it was becoming difficult to lie to her boy friend, but she new that she cant keep up with him anymore.

Sammy was heart broken cause of River, and he decide it to live her behind and go to college, but during those four years apart he never stop loving her, now he is back home and all those feeling that he has for River are back, and he has question that where never answer, and now he begins to be doubting the relationship of Danny and River.

Jasper is Sammy best friend and he will tell you things how they are, and he is always their for Sammy and River, the only thing is that its not easy for him to understand the life that Sammy and River grow up cause his life growing up is different from theirs.

Danny lets just say that he is F*** in the head big time.

I really enjoy reading this book and now I cant wait to read the second book I want to say THANK to Author Ker Dukey for introducing me to this great characters and this amazing book, and that I hope that when you read this book that you get to fall in love with it as much as I did.

Bloody Kisses Release Day Blitz

Title:  Bloody Kisses
A Dark Anthology of Creatures of The Night
Author: Various
Genre: Paranormal/Dark
Release Date: October 31st!


Bloody Kisses A Dark Anthology of Creatures of the Night
Blurb: Creatures of the night, rebels of immortality, all damned to walk alone. Vampires; powerful, ruthless, and able to take what they want with just one look from their soulless eyes. Open yourself up to a world of no right and no wrong, no fate of dying, but instead a world of intrigue, lust, blood, and violence. Vampires ruled by the night, taking what they want, who they want… Bloody Kisses takes you into the world of the darkest vampires, the most ruthless of their kind, and sex and violence is just the beginning of their forever. Won’t you join us in the kiss that not only takes your breath away but steals your soul?

 Where can you get it?