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Blog Tour Permanent Lines by Ashley Wilcox

Title: Permanent Lines

by Ashley Wilcox 


Merrick Drake.

Bartender, dirt bike racer, and far from settling down…until that one race, and that one girl that changed everything.

Amelia Driscoll.

Amelia took Merrick by surprise, bringing out emotions that he never knew existed. Amelia stole his heart…

Only to break it.

When fate puts Merrick and Amelia back together, it doesn’t come without a price- it comes with vengeance, determination, and putting his life on the line for the one he loves.

But, how much is Merrick willing to put on the line to have a future with no reason to hide? In the end, fate will decide...

Who's permanent.

5 Stars
***** I received an ARC copy for an honest review *****

I just finish reading this book , an I am so glad I got to read it, since I been wanting to read this for a while, this book did not disappoint me at all, I love it from the first page to the very last, love it how it turned out I have to say that at some point of the book it had me on the edge of my seat cause I jut wanted to see what's gone happened next. 

I love reading this book, I love it that we get to see that Kayla and Miles love is still growing strong. love it that Merrick and Kayla are still best friends and love it more when Miles tell Merrick that he is part of his family since he was marrying Kayla. this is the story of Merrick and Amelia.

The story begging with Merrick on a dirt bike race, when he was on the final lap of the race he notice that he was head to head with another racer. What he was not expecting was that the racer that he won from was a woman, that's when Amelia come in the picture, after that race Merrick and Amelia spend the weekend together, after that weekend that was the last time that he heard from Amelia, while the months past by and he kept thinking about her, Kayla decide to introduce him to a friend of her, on their second date they where all going to a painting show, that was the first time that he got to see Amelia, after that night everything turn up side down for them.

While Merrick had always said that he don't like to asked for help, this time he just have to Hush and take the help that Mile and Kayla are giving them, I love it how Merrick stick up for Amelia, and love it how Amelia had protect him those moth that she was away from him. I love the Drama that is in this book.

I really enjoy it and love reading this story and I hope that you do too. Author Ashley Wilcox once again THANK YOU for this awesome book and this amazing characters.

About The Author 

Living in Syracuse, New York, Ashley Wilcox is happily married to her husband of over six years, and a mommy to two little boys, and one little girl who is expected to be here in March 2014. Through her addiction for reading, Ashley has discovered her passion for writing. She loves reading and writing about anything romance. Some books that Ashley is most commonly known for are The Forever Series, Summer Rush, and her latest, Permanent Lines.

To find out more about Ashley and what she is currently working on, please visit her website at

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PROMOTIONAL Tour Friends with Benefits

Title: Friends with Benefits

Author: Anne Lange

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance РM̩nage w/light BDSM elements

Publication Date: January 17, 2014

Can a summer of sexual exploration, lead to an unconventional forever.

When his best friend moves to the area, Tyler seizes an opportunity to fulfill his wife’s fantasies while, hopefully, leading her in the direction of his.

They shared women in the past, and Connor’s the only man Tyler trusts with this special summer assignment. But when neighbors start to gossip, and the actions of strangers threaten their already precarious threesome, he worries that Angela’s uncertainties and Connor’s ex will end what could be the perfect forever.

Tyler O’Neil

Until pillow talk exposed his wife’s fantasies, Tyler had no idea some of Angela’s desires so closely matched his own. So, when he decides to enlist the help of his best friend to fulfill a few for her, he secretly hopes it will lead to his own personal desire - a permanent threesome. Tyler and Connor shared women in the past, he’s the one and only man Tyler trusts with this special summer assignment.

Connor Jones

Connor can’t believe it when he best friend asks if he would consider seducing his wife. Then he meets Angela, and all the women in his past fade away. With his friend’s blessing he sets out to seduce the man’s wife. And when Tyler joins the party, the three of them set the sheets on fire. Angela is one sexy woman, and Tyler is one lucky man. If only Connor could find a woman like her, one who would love him unconditionally.

Angela O’Neil

Angela is floored when her husband suggests they explore some of her fantasies. Sex with a stranger, phone sex, outdoor sex, threesome sex. These were things she read about, thought about, wished for, but never in her wildest dreams thought would she be able to live them. She loves her husband, but soon she finds herself falling for his best friend too. That’s not normal, is it? What will people think? Sandwiched between the two of them, she’s never felt so treasured, so protected, or so loved.

When his best friend moves to the area, Tyler seizes an opportunity to fulfill his wife’s fantasies while, hopefully, leading her in the direction of his.

They shared women in the past, and Connor’s the only man Tyler trusts with this special summer assignment. But when neighbors start to gossip, and the actions of strangers threaten their already precarious threesome, he worries that Angela’s uncertainties and Connor’s ex will end what could be the perfect forever.

“I’m going to blindfold you, honey. I want your senses focused on feeling and anticipating what’s about to happen.” He looked into her beautiful baby blues, noticing a tiny bit of anxiety sparkling there. “Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you.”
“I know.” Love for his wife filled his heart. He kissed her, hard, and then covered her eyes with a satin sleeping mask.
Resting back on his ankles, he looked across her lush body. Connor’s cheekbones flushed red. His eyes glittered. His tongue snaked out to pass over his lips, and Tyler watched as Connor gulped before raising his gaze to meet his own.
“It’s like a feast has been laid out before me, and I don’t know where to begin.”
“Then let’s start at the top, and work our way down.”
“Oh, yeah, I can go for that.” Connor’s chuckle sounded downright wicked. They stretched out along either side of her, each staking a claim to a breast. Keeping his touch tender, Tyler grazed his thumb over the hard peak. After a few passes it seemed to swell under his touch. He gave it a little pinch, and then a tug, stretching it out and letting it settle back again,  He lowered his head to suck her nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue around the tip .
When she gasped and arched into their touch, he darted a glance across the bed. His friend’s entire focus seemed to be on sucking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could.
Tyler let the cherry tip pop out of his mouth, lapped it a few times, and then covered it again. When Angela began to writhe beneath him, he released her and inched down her body, licking and kissing over the swell of her breast, along the underside, the sweet scent of her heat filling his nose.
He continued down the middle of her stomach. He stopped to twirl his tongue in her navel, dipping in and out, mimicking what he planned to do at his next stop. He pressed his hand to her sex, cupping the smooth flesh. Warmth greeted him. Tyler spread his fingers letting his middle one sneak in between her moist lips. Oh, fuck. She enjoyed this. He gathered the moisture he found and spread it over her clit. The little nub was nice and hard.
Scooting to his knees, Tyler positioned himself between her spread legs and stretched out, his feet dangling off the edge of the bed. Placing his hands beneath the cheeks of her ass, he lifted her as far as the restraints allowed. Perfect. Mouth level. He swiped his tongue from bottom to top.
“Mmm…Like licking an ice-cream cone.” His wife moaned. Connor growled. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn.”
Tyler returned to his treat, licking and nipping at his wife’s delicious pussy until she became electrified in his hands. He sucked each succulent lips into his mouth.  He flattened his tongue and rubbed it back and forth over her clit. He rimmed her opening before diving in to scoop up her juice. He pushed her to the edge, eager for her release.
“Baby, you smell like vanilla, but you taste like some sort of exotic honey. So sweet. Connor, you need to taste this.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Connor rose and switched places with Tyler, settling in as if ready to spend the entire evening there.
Canting his body over hers, a palm on either side of her head, Tyler leaned down, placed a kiss on the top of her nose, and then whispered in her ear, “How are you doing, sweetheart? Is it good?”
“Oh, yes…real good.”
“It’s going to get better.” Angela’s response, a ragged moan and a nod of her head, pleased him.
Connor feasted on her, so absorbed in his task as he hummed and groaned in pleasure, he didn’t seem to notice the grip Angela had on his hair.
Her legs trembled. She panted. Tyler recognized the signs.
“Connor, she’s getting ready to come.” Transfixed, he watched Connor eat his wife’s pussy, absently stroking his own cock as Angela’s moans grew louder.
“Oh, my God. Tyler. Tyler, I’m going to come. Tyler, oh, oh…oh, God.” Connor’s persistent tongue drove her over the edge. Her body bowed as she came. She cried out, and it was music to his ears.

Anne grew up the oldest of four in Ontario, Canada. She works full-time and writes in her spare time. Books and shoes are her passion. Reading is her escape. Anne started writing in late 2009, realized she needed to figure out what in the world she was doing, and began her trek of workshops, networking and writing. While she reads many genres of fiction, she prefers to write hot, edgy romance with attractive men, sexy females, and always a happily ever after. She’d love for you to follow her on this journey as she brings more fiction to the world for people, who like her, just need to get away from it all for a few hours every now and then.

Cover Reveal Loving Lady Lazuli

Title: Loving Lady Lazuli
Author: Marion Quinn
Genre: Historical Romance

Only one man in England can identify her. Unfortunately he’s living next door.

Ten years ago sixteen year old Sapphire, the greatest jewel thief England has ever known, ruined Lord Devorlane Hawley’s life. Now she’s dead and buried, all the respectable widow, Cassidy Armstrong, wants is the chance to prove who she really is.

But not only does her new neighbor believe he knows that exactly, he’s hell-bent on revenge. All he needs is the actual proof. So when he asks her to choose between being his mistress, or dangling on the end of a rope, only Sapphire can decide…

What’s left for a woman with nowhere left to go, but to stay exactly where she is?

And hope, that when it comes to neighbors, Devorlane Hawley won’t prove to be the one from hell.

Shehanne Moore writes gritty, witty, historical romance, set wherever takes her fancy. What hasn’t she worked at while pursuing her dream of becoming a published author? Shehanne lives in Scotland with her husband Mr Shey. She has two daughters. When not writing intriguing historical romance, where goals and desires of sassy, unconventional heroines and ruthless men, mean worlds collide, she plays the odd musical instrument and loves what in any other country, would not be defined, as hill-walking.

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Blog Tour The Adventures of Sir & Babygirl by Kayla Lords

Katie, a blogger recovering from a broken heart, has sworn off relationships, even though she misses being the babygirl to a strong Dominant man. Afraid to make another connection, she hides behind her blog.

Johnathan knows he’s no Dominant without a submissive. A few conversations with Katie, and he thinks he may have found the woman he needs and craves.

Will Katie and Johnathan find what they need in each other? Can they become Sir and Babygirl?

Join them as they embark on an adventure of the heart, mind, body, and soul with big doses of kinky, BDSM-filled sexual escapades along the way.

Katie thought a few minutes had passed, but the clock flashed 2:00 a.m. at her. Damn it, she was waking up in the middle of the night again. A good fucking would solve this problem, she thought, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Katie dipped her hand into her shorts and found her bare pussy. Already soaked, she wondered what she had been dreaming about. Her fingers kneaded the soft skin, sinking into the crevice between her lips to find her innermost petals. Exploring her depths more out of curiosity than desire, she marveled at the feel of her own flesh.

Growing impatient with her own exploration, she dragged a moist fingertip over her clitoris. Katie hissed at the sensation as her hips lifted. Circling the hardening nub of flesh, she could feel pressure building deep within her core. Waves of pleasure shot through her body. She began to pant and moan as her finger swirled in one direction and then another. The burning, throbbing desire became stronger and stronger until she felt her pussy spasm and open as she came in a gigantic gush, soaking her hand, her shorts, and the bed beneath her.

Catching her breath, Katie brought her hand to her lips. Smiling, her tongue darted out to taste the juices running down her hand. Closing her eyes, she moaned as she sucked the fluids off of her skin, reveling in her own flavor. God, she loved that her former lover had taught her to do this. Tasting herself felt sinful and sexy.

With her hand clean, Katie giggled into the dark room and rolled over. She loved sleeping in a wet spot. Moments later, sleep overtook her again.

4 Stars 

**** I received an ARC copy for an honest review ****

I just finished reading this book, and I liked it, I would have loved it if it was a little longer.

Katie is divorced and has a four year old daughter, she also love to blog, on her blog she gets to write all her feeling down.

Jonathon is also divorced his a parent of twin boys, and lives with his sister, she move in with him after she divorced her abused husbands.

Jonathon is a follower of Katie blog, he love the way she expresses her self , one night Jonathon email Katie and she email him back, since that night they started to write to each other from their they started the text message, and then the calling.

I really liked reading this story, and I hope that once you read it that you get to enjoy as much as I did.

I discovered my love of writing at age seven and my sexual fantasies long before I reached adulthood. Now instead of experiencing sexual daydreams, I write them down and publish them for others to enjoy.

I write BDSM-themed erotica with a focus on dominance and submission (D/s). I not only want to turn my readers on, but I want them to realize that D/s is more than just a kink and isn't scary or degrading.

An avid blogger, tweeter, and talker, I love interacting with my readers as much as possible!

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Cover Reveal The Bars That Hold Us By Shelly Pratt


By: Shelly Pratt

A contemporary romance

Expected Release Date: March 1, 2014

Add to Goodreads ~>

We were never meant to be caged …
It was just a matter of circumstance that brought our equally ruined lives together.

Mercy Cole has come off the beat. She’s a drowning mess after devastating circumstances shatter her every ideal in one single second. Torn from the life she knew by chance, she decides that a post in Silverwater Jail is just what she needs. There, she won’t have to deal. Deal with real people, deal with emotions, and deal with life.

What she doesn’t expect is for Saxon Miles to work his way into her heart and destroy the steel bars she’s built up to keep people out.

Saxon’s no stranger to trouble, but that was the last thing he was expecting on a night out. When it comes to family, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to protect them. He just didn’t plan on going to jail because of it.

In a twist of fate, their lives collide; the only thing keeping them apart is the bars that hold them prisoner.

Book Blitz SILENT NO MORE by N.E. Henderson

Title: Silent No More (Silent #1)
Author: N. E. Henderson
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Silent series

Shannon Taylor thinks she has the picture perfect life. 
Engaged to marry her college boyfriend and a best friend who’s more like a sister, life is almost perfect. That is until her world is tilted by two of the most important people in her life. 
A chance encounter leads Shannon down a path that will force her to confront a past she has meticulously ignored for ten years. 
Nicholas Lockhart, renowned bachelor, has a reputation for his cold eyes and icy heart. Meeting a woman who can turn his world upside down is not in the cards; that is until Shannon. 
When Shannon's world crashes, she wonders if it's possible to crack Nick's icy heart. A web of lies and twisted truths soon leaves both bare and vulnerable. 
Silence no longer offers her protection or safety. 
Will remaining silent cost Shannon the real love she's finally found? Or will she stay silent no more?

“What the fuck does the bastard want now?” I huff out, glaring down at the name displayed on my cell phone. If I never have to speak to him again, it’ll be too soon. Jerking my right hand off the steering wheel, I reach over, turning the volume down on the stereo that’s blasting Avenged Sevenfold’s "Nightmare" through the speakers.
My Father.
The person I hate most in the world. If God existed, the motherfucker’s life would have ended by now. But that hasn’t happened, and I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m the type of guy that prays for his dad to get a brain-fucking hemorrhage that will take him straight to Hell, where he belongs.
“Yeah?” I greet the fuck as I turn into the underground parking garage at Lockhart Publishing in my silver Audi R8. 
Way to ruin my day, Dad!
“Nicholas, is that any way to answer your phone? You’re the CEO of a company for Christ’s sake. The least you could do is act like a professional.” Two companies to be exact, but what the Hell does being a CEO have to do with professionalism when the person on the other end of the line is the sorry excuse I get to call father? The man should know by now, I’m going to do and act any damn way I want. I’ve never been the “do as you’re told” type, so why start now?
“I wasn’t aware this was a professional call.” My tone is sarcastic, but I don’t give a shit. The dick-fuck knows I hate him. Nothing is ever going to change that. We will never drink a beer together. We will never have a strong father/son bond. Hell, the only bond we do have is blood. The simple fact that his blood runs through my veins and that it will forever link us disturbs me.
“Son, let’s not argue today. I called for a specific reason, so I won’t keep you any longer than necessary.” I can tell by his clipped tone he doesn’t want to be on the phone with me any more than I do with him.
“Fine, then please tell me what you want so I can get back to work.” I breathe out in annoyance.
My father was a well-known Defense Attorney in LA when I was growing up. He made a living getting criminals out of jail for many years and now he’s a prominent judge. There is some real fucked-up irony in that. The man should be locked up for the shit he has done to my mother over the years. Why the woman stays married to him is beyond me. It’s not like she needs his money. In fact, my father has benefited from her inheritance more than she has.
Rotten bastard.
“As you know, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and your mother would like you and your sister present for lunch.” He knows I’ll do anything for my mom. I think I proved that to him a long time ago. “Do you think you can do this for her?” he adds. He knows I’m going to say yes.
“What time?” I ask on a sigh as I open my car door, stepping out into the dark, musky air under my building. To my annoyance, I slam the door harder than I intend. Fuck! Why do I let this man get under my skin so easily? Just the sound of his voice tends to set me off.
“Noon,” he responds. A few hours in the company of my father is sure to piss me right the fuck off along with adding additional renovations to my house for my handyman to fix. Not that I can’t fix the damage I create myself, but why go through all that trouble when I can hire someone to do it for me? I’m sure the guy already thinks I’m a raging alcoholic who comes home and punches holes in walls for fun. I’m not, of course, or at least I’m not yet. If he knew all the damage was the result of my frustration with my father, he would understand.
Yeah, so I have anger issues.
“Okay, but if you want Nikki there, then perhaps you should call your daughter yourself.” I make my way to the elevator pressing the “up” button. As I wait, I check the time on my Rolex. It’s 1:14pm. I have plenty of time before my meeting with Teresa. Why I ever made that woman Vice President of my company, I’m still not sure. She’s great at business and a brilliant editor, but damn, I wish she would stop trying to get into my pants every time we are alone. Now that she’s my VP, I see her more often than I like. It’s not like she isn’t attractive, because she is, with blonde hair, big tits, and a tiny waist, but I don’t sleep with people who work for me. And well…she annoys the fuck out of me, plus she is too bitchy. It’s a big fucking turn off!
The sound of my father’s voice brings me back to our conversation. I really need to wrap this up. The longer I speak to him, the longer I’ll be at Knocked Out tonight, kicking the shit out of my best friend’s ass.
Jase is one of the few people who knows about my relationship with my father and why I hate the man. He and I share a common hatred for our fathers. Everyone that works for my father thinks he’s an outstanding judge and wonderful family man. 
What a crock of shit!
“Nicolette is being her usual immature and childish self. It would be easier for all of us if you ask her to come. She listens to you, Nicholas.” He sounds annoyed with his last statement and I silently laugh. My sister isn’t immature or childish. She would just rather ignore his calls than deal with the man. She hates the heartless bastard as much as I do.
Any man, who lays a hand on a woman with the sole intension of hurting her isn’t much of a man at all in my book. That’s the kind of fucked-up shit my father loves to do to women. We watched him physically and mentally abuse our mother for years. The day I turned twenty-one, I made sure my father never laid a hand on my mother again. That’s not to say he’s stopped hurting women because he hasn’t. Now, he has a mistress to abuse. He doesn’t know I know about her, but I do. Surely my mother has to know too.
As the elevator door opens, Matt, my senior editor and good friend, is exiting. I pin him with my signature icy stare. I can tell by the look that crosses his face he knows I’m in one of my moods, so he wisely says nothing and passes me quickly. These moods only happen when I have to communicate with the man on the other end of my phone.
“Nicholas,” he stresses, "just call your sister for me. I don’t have time for Nicolette right now. I’m walking into court as we speak.” He has never had time for Nikki or me for that matter. Not that I care. I stopped caring about my father before I learned to write my own God damn name.
“Sure, Dad!” I force out through clenched teeth. “I’ll handle it. We’ll be there on Thursday at noon. Is there anything else? I have a meeting to get to.” I’m not totally lying. I do have a meeting to attend, but it’s not for another hour.
“No, there isn’t. I’ll see you then.” He ends the call, not bothering to say goodbye. This is nothing unusual. He thinks everyone around him is there is serve him.
I enter the elevator and I press number eleven. As I ride up, I send Nikki a quick text letting her know the plans for Thanksgiving. This is sure to brighten her day as much as it has mine. My sister is the female version of myself. But perhaps Nikki controls her anger a little more than I do.
As I move my hand to store my phone in the breast pocket of my jacket, I hear the alert telling me I have a text message. I look down; it’s my sister’s reply.
The corners of my mouth turn up as I shove the phone back inside my jacket just as the elevator reaches my destination. My smile fades; I’m not looking forward to the rest of my day. Dealing with Teresa is one thing, but after dealing with Judge James ‘Asshole’ Lewis, I’m sure I’ll take out my anger on her at some point today.
As I exit the elevator, something, or rather someone, catches my eye. She is standing at my receptionist, Rachel’s desk, with her back facing me. The legs catch my attention first. They are toned and her skin is fair. Her body turns a fraction as my eyes travel up, seeing a side profile. She is slender, but not at all skinny. My eyes continue its path up her body.
Fuck me, Sunday!
My eyes land on her hair. It’s a stunning shade of red. Darker than strawberry-blonde, but lighter than auburn. It’s shiny and bright; unique and exotic like a rare pet. Damn, did I just compare a woman to a pet? That’s a new one even for you, Lockhart.
I can’t see the color of her eyes from where I’m standing, but that mouth…those pink fucking lips are made for sucking cock. I allow my eyes to drop. She’s wearing a navy dress and it’s a little on the short side to be considered business attire, but it looks good on her body.
Get a hold of yourself, Lockhart. You’re at work, man.
My eyes glide back up her body, back up to those fucking beautiful drapes that fall down her back. She looks like an angel…an angel I’d like to tie down and fuck.
But God damn, that hair is making my dick hard! 

About the Author

I write because I love it and because I have to get all these damn charaters out of my head that just pop up out of the blue.