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BLOG TOUR Absolution by Amanda Dick‏

A freak accident, a moment in time, and life changes forever. Stay or go - there's no such thing as the easy way out. 

The accident wasn't his fault but in the horrific aftermath, Jack's actions may have possibly caused consequences he could never have foreseen. Consumed with guilt and unable to listen to reason, he takes the only option he believes is open to him: he disappears. Living a quiet life away from everyone he loves, he drops off the grid but the memories continue to haunt him. 

Four years later, a funeral signals a homecoming fraught with tension as he finally forces himself to face up to the consequences of his actions. Betrayed and angry, his former best friend Callum wants nothing more than to see him disappear once again - for good this time. Meanwhile his ex-girlfriend Ally has moved on and he can see that his return is anything but easy for her. People change, life goes on and things are never as simple as they seem. The past has a habit of catching up with you when you least expect it. 

Living with regret and guilt almost tore him apart, but there is no guarantee that trying to make amends will soothe his soul or help the people he loves the most. 

Courage has many faces. Fighting for what you believe in, no matter what. Showing strength of mind and body when the cards are stacked against you. Rising to the challenge and playing through the pain. 

And yet sometimes, courage means simply standing your ground.



“You want to know if I told her about what happened that night.”

Callum glared at him, and Jack could tell he was on the right track.
“The answer is no, I didn’t. But why the hell didn’t you? You were there, you knew.”
“Because it wasn’t my place to tell her – it was yours.” Callum snapped.
“Jesus, Callum! You just let her think God knows what, all this time?”
“What the hell do you care what she thought! You weren’t here, remember? I didn’t tell her because what the hell would be the point?”
“What would be the point?” Jack repeated indignantly. “She would have known!”
“Known what? That you were a coward? She figured that one out for herself when she woke up and you were gone!”
Jack opened his mouth to speak, but Callum cut him off.
“Don’t you dare come back here and start blaming me or anyone else! No one told you to go – you made that choice yourself.” Callum hissed, eyes blazing. “You did the wrong thing then and by coming back now and stirring it all up again, all you’re doing is making it worse. You’re here for your own selfish reasons, not because of Tom or because of her!”
“I’m trying to make it right!” Jack insisted, heart racing.
“And how in the hell do you think you’re gonna do that?”
Jack stared at him dumbfounded, knowing that he had asked himself that question a million times and come up empty.
“She doesn’t need you anymore. The best thing you can do now is just crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of and leave her be.”
Jack shook his head determinedly, his heart pounding. “No. I’m not going anywhere, not this time.”
Callum laughed scornfully. “That’s your master plan? Seriously?”
Jack glared at him in silence, his anger mounting.
“Oh come on – you gotta admit, that’s a reckless statement, especially for you.” Callum snorted derisively. “You disappear when the going gets tough, remember?”
Jack clenched his teeth so tight his jaw ached. “That’s not what happened and you know it.”
“Do I? Because that’s what it looked like from where I was standing!”
“You know damn well why I left!” Jack blurted out, his voice thunderous and desperate. “You knew what I did – you were there!”
“Yeah, I knew what you did - big deal! You were trying to save her life - she wouldn’t have blamed you!” he said hotly. “You did the wrong thing, Jack – you should’ve stayed.”
Jack stared at him, his heart racing. He thought about the relationship they used to have – how close they were. Like brothers. And now this; strangers - worse than that; enemies.
“I made a mistake.” he choked. “I won’t make that mistake again.”
Callum shook his head. He stood up straight and took a step backwards, eyeballing Jack as he forced his hands back into his pockets.
“Here’s the thing – you made your choice. Now you have to live with it, just like the rest of us. You can’t change what happened and if you stick around, you’re only gonna hurt her. Is that what you want?”
Jack opened his mouth to reply but Callum didn’t give him a chance.
“She was just starting to get her life back together, after everything she’s been through. Don’t rip it all apart again.” he pleaded quietly, clearly emotional. “Do the right thing this time - leave.”

I was provide a copy by the Author for an honest review.

I just finish reading this book, and Wow just Wow, this book has left me speechless, this a love story, I felt in love with this story from the first page to the very last, I couldn't put this book down, this book is about guilt, love, and fighting, I have to say my emotions are in a roller coaster right now, I love the story I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

The story begging with Jack, Ally, and Callum, they are on the way home from a concert, while Jack was driving Ally was in the back, and his best friend Callum was in the passenger seat, the road was still wet and when he made a turn he met with the lights of another car. That was the night that change their life's. after that night Jack blame himself for the accident, even though he nothing to do with it, and the consequence that the accident had, Ally was not able to walk, Jack decide to leave his home and town, and kept everyone away, now four years later Jack wakes up with nightmares from that night, he leave a quiet life go to work in the day time, and at night goes into a ring to fight, with no intention of going back home, but all that change the moment that they let him know that he needs to get to a funeral, now that his home his best friend Callum don't want him their, and for Ally his return is not easy, would they get through all their each, all would they let the past rule their decision.

I have to say that it was hard to read about Jack and Ally, about how they felt for each other, but though they couldn't be together, I really love and enjoy reading this book, love it how they finally where able to forgive each other, and love it when Jack understood that it was not his fault, Author Amanda Dick THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing, wonderful characters, and this awesome love story love it.


Amanda Dick is a night-owl, coffee addict, movie buff and music lover.  She also writes.

Born in Opotiki, New Zealand, she is rather partial to dark chocolate and believes in the power of a good vanilla latte.  She has a passion for the colour green (particularly in clothes and gemstones) and insists there is nothing sexier than a man in a kilt.  
She spent several months traveling around Europe in her late 20’s (there’s a story there – she’ll get around to writing it one day).  After ridding herself of her wanderlust, she met the love of her life (while working to pay off said wanderlust) in Edinburgh, Scotland.  They moved in together the week after their first date – so yes, she believes in love at first sight.  She also believes in Women's Intuition and following your heart.  
She writes on her trusty laptop, predominantly late at night, when it's quiet and interruptions are few.  Most of all, she enjoys writing about human behaviour - love, loss, joy, grief, friendship and relationships in general.  She loves to put normal, everyday people into situations that will test their boundaries.  She is passionately curious about how we, as human beings, react when pushed to the edge.  
After living in Scotland for five years, she has now settled back home in New Zealand, where she lives with her husband and two children.



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Cover Reveal Destined to Love by Jourdyn Kelly

Cover Reveal

Book Title: Destined to Love (A Destined Novel) 
Author: Jourdyn Kelly 
Genre: Young Adult/Urban Fantasy 
Release Date: May 2, 2014 


 Anala Geil has finally fulfilled her destiny to become the Leader of the Society of Hunters - 600 years AFTER she thought all Cursed Ones were gone. So far; she is a Cursed Hunter, has fallen in love with a fellow Hunter, had another Hunter turned, and lost Thomas - the one she had feelings for so long ago. She's doing great. The challenges that Ana and her Hunters must face now will either tear them apart, or bring them closer. But what will Ana do when she is forced to make the most difficult decisions of her long life? Will she be able to hold on to the humanity she feels is perilously close to shattering?


  "Rantings of an angry vampire"
I wonder. If I will myself to change, and attack Jenna for her incessant popping of her gum, it could be ruled as an animal attack. I could totally make it look like an animal attack. I would be quick; she wouldn't feel a thing.
Rantings of an angry vampire. Maybe that's what I should name my blog. Or memoir. Okay, so I'm cranky. Sue me. I have been sitting here for days waiting for Zac to wake up. All of my Hunters are here, except Sam who is working. They don't need to be here, they just insist on it. Much to my dismay. Talking, tapping, singing, popping. Ugh!
"I need blood."
Amanda's eyes snapped up from one of my father's journals she was reading. Her reaction to my thought surprised me, and told me it wasn't a silent thought at all.
"Sorry," I mumbled, lowering my gaze from hers.
"Don't be, Ana. If you need . . . "
"I'm just irritable." I looked pointedly at Jenna who popped her gum at me. "If you keep popping your gum, I will go all Chicago on you."
Jenna's face scrunched in confusion. "Huh?"
I couldn't help but to roll my eyes. I know, childish, but come on! She's so annoying! "Stop popping your gum. And get some culture."
"Jenna," Amanda interrupted Jenna's comeback - which was bound to be bitchy, since we're talking about Jenna. "Could you get Ana some blood?"
"Why can't she get it herself?"
"Because I need to stay here with Zac," I shot back. "You don't need to be here."
"He's my friend, too!"
I am over 600 years old, and I'm arguing with what is essentially the ultimate 'mean girl'. Sigh.
"I understand that, Jenna. However, I am technically Zac's true Maker. When he wakes up, I need to be here."
"Wouldn't he want all of his friends here?" Jenna countered.
"Jenna, Ana isn't just Zac's friend. He will be bonded with her now."
My boyfriend, Sam, chose the exact moment Amanda spoke of Zac's bond with me to walk in. I noticed his step falter, and his eyes cloud over with an emotion I couldn't read as he cleared it immediately. Fantastic. As if he wasn't already weary of Zac's feelings for me.
Jenna must have felt the change in the air, because she excused herself, mumbling about getting me blood - and popping her damn gum. The rest of my Hunters didn't move to leave, but had enough decorum to at least look like they were busy doing other things on their smart phones or tablets.
"Any movement, call me back. I'll be right outside," I whispered to Amanda. She gave me a nod before glancing at her brother Sam. A look passed between them, and I wished then that I could read minds. With a sigh, I step outside the room with him.
"Hey." He pulled me to him, kissing me chastely on the lips. It wasn't his normal hello kiss, but he had just heard that Zac - who had confessed to being in love with me before he was turned by Thomas - would be bonded to me. I guess I couldn't blame him.
"Hi. Tough case?"
Sam and I haven't been able to spend much time together since that fateful night we went to kill Thomas and his army of Cursed Ones and Hybrids. He caught a big case, and since we were waiting for Zac to wake up before our search for Thomas started up, he had been spending a lot of time on his own investigation. If I hadn't been so caught up with Zac, I'd probably think something was off between us.
"They're all tough. I'm a homicide detective."
Or, maybe there is something off between us.
"Sam . . . "
"He'll be bonded to you?"
Sam's voice was even, but the look in his eyes belied that calm. Was he worried that this bond with Zac would push us together?
"I cannot change that, Sam. Believe me, I would if I knew how."
"What does this mean for you two?"
"It means . . . " I made a frustrated noise that made Sam's eyebrows quirk. "I do not know what it means. I have never been anyone's Maker. At least, not by choice. If I knew how to be a Maker and use whatever that bond was, I would use it to find Thomas." The idea gave me pause, and I momentarily forgot about what Sam and I were talking about. Could it be that easy? I may not have made Thomas myself, but it was my blood. I am his Maker.
Sam brought my attention back to him.
"I am sorry. I was just thinking."
Sam's lips pulled into a grin. He stepped closer when I give him a questioning look.
"Your entire vocabulary changes when you're thinking as Anala."
"Does it?"
"Mmhmm." Finally Sam wrapped his arms around me, without any of the stiffness or reluctance I had felt earlier. "It's sexy."
I snorted. Not exactly sexy, but it's what happened.
"You just think my accent is sexy."
He had told me before that along with my long, raven hair, translucent eyes and awesome body (his words, not mine), my English accent turns him on. I accused him of being biased, and insisted I didn't have an accent. What can I say? I don't always take compliments very well. Especially when they come from someone who looks like Sam.
"I think all of you is sexy," he responded, touching my cheek softly. Thank God I can't blush.
My response was to kiss him. And, not just a chaste kiss like he gave me before. I've missed this. I realize that if we had finished the job with Thomas, I wouldn't be here. Or, shouldn't be here. I had given Zac instructions to kill me after Thomas was dead. Things didn't go quite as expected that night.
It's been almost a week since then, and as I pushed my fingers through Sam's wheat colored - and, oh so soft - hair, I couldn't help but think about this being the first time Sam and I have actually had more than just a quick kiss.
"I miss you," he whispered, echoing my thoughts.
"Are you off tonight?"
He sighed, pressing his forehead to mine. "No. I'll be late."
"I don't care. Come to me when you're done."

Meet the Author

headshotbwCurrently living in the Houston area, Jourdyn spends her time writing, designing websites and caring for what she equates as a zoo with 3 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, 3 frogs and 3 turtles. In the recent years, she has changed her lifestyle to include working out and eating right. She now competes in triathlons, has run her first half-marathon, and loves Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing and Krav Maga. Jourdyn loves bringing her characters out for everyone to meet. Her goal is to keep writing in many different genres, as she feels there shouldn't be anything limiting writers. Coming up, you will hear more of Blaise Knight's story.

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Cover Reveal Hiding Away‏ by J.M. Witt

Who do you trust, and who do you love, when the secrets of your past are so painful that they have you Hiding Away? 

Jane Whitford had everything she ever wanted, at the tip of her fingers, when it was violently ripped away. The man who was supposed to love her turned into a monster. Broken and bruised, she fled his clutches back to her hometown, ready to rebuild her life and her career. Love is the last thing she wants when she meets Cal. The only thing on her mind, when it comes to him, is fun. Lots of it. Will she open her heart to him before it's too late?

Calvin Charles is a cop on the streets, working hard to achieve his goal of joining the SWAT team. He strives to live with no regrets and has everything he needs; friends, family, and the occasional woman to warm his bed. Until he meets Jane, and she quickly becomes everything he wants. Will he be able to get her to open up when she’s convinced that exposing her secrets will cost her his love and respect?

Will his love be strong enough to survive? Or will her secrets be the death of him?

 J.M. Witt
I’m a stay-at-home mom with four young children and one extremely supportive husband. We’ve been married for nine years and reside in Highland, Michigan.

I've dreamed of writing romance novels since I was little. After having baby #4, who may or may not have been fathered by Christian Grey, I decided it was time to pursue my dreams.

When I'm not volunteering at the schools of my children, running to various appointments, enjoying time with my friends and my book club, dating my husband, or avoiding cleaning my house, I'm writing!
I love music and believe that books and music can't exist without the other. My goal is for you to read more than a good book, but for you to have an experience! 

Cover Reveal‏ ON THE WAY HOME by Skye Warren


Skye Warren

Available: May 20, 2014


For eight months Ive been deep under cover as a special operator in the Army. On the plane ride home, all I want is a hot shower and a long sleep. But a Dear John text message leaves me stranded. I need a ride and a place to stay, and the pretty stewardess is more than willing.

Its supposed to be a simple trade—the passenger in seat 34B for my sister. But the sexy soldier is more than I can handle in all the best ways. He trusts me, but I cant save him. No one can. Sometimes trouble has a way of following you home.

On the Way Home is a dark new adult romance intended for readers over eighteen.

About the Author

Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica, including power play or erotic pain and sometimes dubious consent. There's struggle in the sex. There's pain in the relationships. Her books are raw, sexual and perversely romantic.


Blog Tour The Unraveling of Raven by Theresa Sederholt‏

At 27, Raven Anderson experienced more heartache then anyone would in their
lifetime.  She felt she finally had her life on track when she started doing what she loved the most, teaching second grade.  The best-laid plans are not always the right path as Raven learns when fate puts her in the direct path of a mega billionaire named Jaxson James Phillips, the owner of a corporate raiding company called Raiders, Inc.  

With the spotlight now focused on Raven,her past is threatening her future. So, she does
what she does best, run!

This beautiful girl with the violet eyes has left Jax, who never gets rattled,
totally speechless.  He has always gotten whatever he wanted. So, why was this beautiful girl running away from him? As time goes on, he slowly unravels the many layers of Raven, but what he finds puts everyone around them in danger.

Can anyone survive?

Amazon US     Amazon UK     B & N

“Now Jax, you’ll do as I tell you because after all, I am the ‘teacher’.”

I nod, “Yes ma’am!”

She rubs her delicate hands under my shirt, and my cock has jumped to attention, he’s such a greedy bastard.  She slowly unbuttons her blouse and lifts each one of her breast out of her bra.  I go to reach for them, and she backs away.

“Did you forget I’m the teacher?  You have to do what I tell you.”

She rubs each one of her nipples until they are hard.  She throws her head back and licks her lips. It’s taking all I have just to watch.  She undoes my pants, and my cock springs to attention.

“Sit down.”

I hit her with my Jaxson smirk. “If I don’t, will the teacher punish me?”

She moans, “Jax is that something you want to find out right now?”

I was provide a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.

I just finish reading this book, and I love it, I am so glad that I got to read it, now I cant wait for the next book, I love the characters, but I did not like the ending, now I don't know how long I have to wait for, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

Raven had gone through a lot for her age, now that she is twenty seven years old, she is living life step by step, she is a second grade teacher, and she loves her job, on the day that her class was having bring your parent in, her roommate Marcos was banging on her door for her to wake up, when she seen the time she started to rush, once she make it to starbucks for her regular drink, when she is walking out she run into the handsome sexy Jax, now Jax is the owner of a corporate raiding company called Raiders Inc. when Raven look up she say sorry and takes off running, now Jax is left outside the store with a wet shirt of coffee, he tried to find out who she is, once his on his office his sister goes to ask him for a favor, when he agree to go to his nephew school, he never though that his nephew teacher was Raven, from that moment on he knew he wanted her, but Raven kept running from him, will she cave in or keep running.

I love the way that Jax and Raven are with each other, I really love and enjoy reading this book, I cant wait for book two, Author Theresa Sederholt THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing characters and this awesome book love it.

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