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Songbird (Songbird #1) By Lisa Edward

Songbird (Songbird #1)
By Lisa Edward


Every relationship changes you, some for the better, others can shatter your confidence and almost destroy you.

For the musically talented, twenty-four year old Tara O’Connell, her relationship with Stephen almost broke her, until Tara found the strength to leave.

Now she is on the road to discovering that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and follow your heart.

As Tara’s self-belief grows, she meets two men she is instantly drawn to who will change her life forever.

Corporal Riley Hammond is a soldier in the Australian Military Special Forces. With his smiling sapphire blue eyes, Tara falls for him instantly. He is thoughtful and caring, and gives her the support and love she needs.

While Cole Michaels is the overconfident singer in a popular local band. His charisma, emerald green eyes, tattoos and piercing, have girls falling at his feet. But while Cole pushes
Tara’s buttons, he also pushes her to reach for the stars.

Both men couldn't be more polar opposites, but both offer Tara different qualities that she needs to fulfill her destiny.

As Tara continues her journey, she will discover fate can offer you more than one path. Her fate is in her own hands, and the choices she makes, will shape her life forever.

We were heading back to the meeting point with only two hundred and fifty metres left to go, before having completed the full five kilometre circuit of the lake. Riley and I had been running together most of the way, I knew he had been taking it easy to stay with me and I appreciated the gesture.
“Come on I’ll race you, loser pays for dinner,” I called, taking off at a sprint.
Riley was like a freaking Olympian he was so fast, but I had longer legs so could take longer strides. I pushed as hard as I could to at least try to stay level with him, and I’m sure in the end he backed off to let me win.
I threw myself down on the grass under a shady tree and laid stretched out, hands over head trying to calm my breathing.
“Hot, sweaty and breathless really suits you,” Riley said with a cheeky grin as he lay down next to me, mimicking my position.
“Well I have you to thank for that, you were riding me pretty hard toward the end.” I blushed suddenly realizing what I had just blurted out, but Riley just chuckled.
“Next time you can ride me, as hard as you like.”
I blushed an even deeper scarlet and shook my head to clear the tantalising image, I could always replay it later.
“Okay, pair up for stretches,” Mal instructed to the group.
Now stretches I could do, fifteen years of ballet had kept me very flexible. Riley knelt up over one of my legs while he held the ankle of the other.
“Let me know if it hurts,” he said, the corner of his mouth twitching.
“I can take it,” I said, biting my bottom lip.
He pushed my leg gently at first, then realizing it was still going, pushed it all the way so my foot was beside my head and he was leaning right over me.
“Ah...that’s handy,” he said with raised eyebrows, a cheeky smile shining through his eyes again.
I diverted my eyes and looked down at his side. From the position he was in, I could now read the tattoo clearly, it said;
Give me Strength when I’m standing and Faith when I fall
I lightly ran my fingers down the tattoo as I read it, and he shivered but held still, watching my face intently.
“Was it just something you liked or does it have special significance for you?” I asked curiously.
“It has significance in various ways,” he said, sitting down next to me. “In the military we need strength when we’re standing toe to toe with the enemy, and faith that we can get back up in the face of defeat. But I think we need faith that we are doing the right thing and making the right decisions in life, even when the right thing is sometimes the hardest.”
He smiled down at me. “Do you have any tattoos hidden away?”
His eyes scanned my body. There wasn't that much that was covered up under my little shorts and crop top.
I shook my head. “I've thought about it, but I've never found a verse or picture that I would want to wear for the rest of my life.” I shrugged. “Maybe one day.”

5 Stars
***** I received an ARC copy for an honest review *****

Let me just start by saying that this is the first book that I read from this author.

Oh Wow I just finish reading this book and I love it, love the characters and love how this book turned out to be, cant wait to read more from this author.

The story begging with Tara packing her stuff up, since she was getting the hell out of her boyfriend house, well ex boyfriend now since she left him while he was in a business trip, Tara took that chance to move in with her friends, and she had to start breaking the chain that he hold of her, for the last two years, he been abusing her it got to the point where she needed to ask him if what she was wearing was ok, that all change when she found out that he cheated on her, and that's all it took for her to live him.

Now trying to make new memories and live a new life, Tara gets in roll at a gym, she gets a new apartment, and start to meet new people, she meet Jason her hairstylist who is gay and have a crush on Marcus, the owner of songbird karaoke bar, than we have Rile Kelli's boyfriend's best friend, member of the special forces, hot sexy military man, and than we have Cooper singer of a local band. Arrogant, gorgeous man-whore. The chemistry between Tara and Rile is strong but what makes it hard for them is that he is always away, also the chemistry between Cooper and her is also strong, I have to say I love Cooper cause he will tell you things straight up and wont hold nothing back.

I really enjoy and love reading this story, Author Lisa Edward THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing characters and this wonderful book. you did an awesome work on this book and you have a new fan of your work.


About the Author

While Lisa Edward has called Melbourne Australia home for her entire life, she has lived and worked in England, and traveled through most parts of Europe and the United States. She loves nothing more than spending time with her husband and beautiful daughter, or curling up into the early hours of the morning with a great novel. By day, Lisa works in the analytical IT field, so relishes the opportunity to foster her creative side through writing. Her deep appreciation for literature was nurtured from a young age, being taught to respect books and get lost in their stories. She enjoys reading honest and realistic novels that are relatable, thought provoking and leave a lasting impression. She can’t write without music playing, using the emotions from different songs to invoke that of her characters. Lisa takes inspiration from her own life experiences, the people around her and those she has met in her travels.

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