Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cover Reveal A Casual Affair by Luna Lacour

Cover Reveal

Book Title: A Casual Affair 
Author: Luna Lacour 
Genre: New Adult 

A Casual Affair Cover (3)


 There are a lot of things you could choose to call me. Prostitute. Whore. Hooker. Working Girl. Escort. ...and Courtesan always has a pretty ring to it. Or you could just call me Lia. That's my name, after all. And despite the controversial job title, I'm a lot like you. I have hopes, dreams, goals. I have a family. I feel sadness, anger - and sometimes, I feel joy. I laugh and cry like anyone else. I don't feel love, though. But there's no finding love in a brothel. Not the real kind, at least. Enter Matty Theron: the reclusive actor. The retired rock-star. Who, in the blaze of his latest film's success, decided to drop off the grid without any explanation. Not a single word. One year later, he's standing in front of me. Black hair, green eyes, and a proposition: One week. Seven days together. An escapade that would take me farther than I had ever been before - in more ways that one. “Why me?” I asked him. He didn't answer. He just smiled – devious, mysterious. So I shook his hand, and we made a deal. One week. Nothing more. No strings or expectations - and certainly no emotions. But things really aren't that simple, are they? When it comes to love – there's always a price.

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Lover of coffee, reader of classic literature, and the author of STAR-CROSSED (March 2014) and A CASUAL AFFAIR (to be announced).

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