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Book Tour Finding Solace by Barbara Speak

Title: Finding Solace

Author: Barbara Speak

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: November 24th, 2013

Sadie Warren is a walking contradiction. The confidence she wears on the outside is only to cover the scars that are imbedded on her soul. Coming out of an abusive relationship where she was stripped of her security and confidence, she chooses to bury it under every man she gives her body to.
After one intoxicated night that she will never remember in its entirety, everything begins to change. Being seen more for her positive attributes and less for her faults, Sadie arises from the dark and into a place she feels safe. But with that comes a chain of events that blur the lines of everything she thought she needed and everything she's beginning to want.
Will fear keep her from the one thing she believes she desires most or will fate take a turn unexpectedly and change everything?

5 Stars 
***** I received an ARC copy for an honest review *****

Let me just start by saying this is the first book I read from this author.

O.M.G. Holy Smoke I just finish reading this book, and let me just say that I felt in love with it, their is so much going in this story, we have Drama, Broken hearts, Romance, you name it and you will find it in this book, I have to say that this book had me crying, Angry that some time I just felt like throwing my kindle across the room, but I love every single minute of it, I took my time reading this book cause I did not wanted to finish, but what can I say all good thing must come to an end, I love the characters love how the friends treat each other like a family and how they all have each others back.

Love the character of Sadie, she has being through so much, she was in an abusive relationship in high school, that after she got out of that she started to make choices that where not so good. She started to enjoy her life partying, drinking and just having a good time, but she prove to her self and everyone else how strong of a woman she is, I have to say that Sadie made me so mad sometime cause of the choice that she kept making, but I have to say I love her attitude, and love to see her grow up from the young lady to a beautiful woman that know what she want.

The character of Colt let me just say that I couldn't stand him, Colt made me want to get him out of the book and slap some sense into him, I couldn't stand his attitude to me was just the biggest jerk. sorry but nothing would make me like him at all.

Love the character of Ash, can I just say oh Ash he such a sweet heart, sexy with a great body, love his attitude, he knows what he wants and he get what he wants I just love him.

Love the group specially Tony what can I say, Tony has the heart of gold, Love the brother Mike I would have love to read more about him, love the other brother Jason his just awesome, love Shawn, Dave, Bryan, I just love them all, Love Heather Sadie best friend, love how they get to party and how the male protect Heather and Sadie like they where their sister.

I really enjoy reading this book, this story anyone could relate too, this story is from Sadie point of view, but I love it she tell her story like if she was actually reading a book aloud, I was so relieve when she made her choice on who she pick to love, I am so happy that she pic the right one cause I was ruling for him LOL, now I just want more of this story or this characters I jut love it.

Author Barbara Speak THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome characters and this amazing book.
I hope that once you guys read it that you get to enjoy it and love it as much as I did.

I am a hard working wife and mother of two of the best kids ever. I spend my days sneaking in any reading that I can. When the idea of Finding Solace came to me, I had no choice but to get it out of my head and put it into yours.

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