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The Nephilim Warriors Series 10/18/13

The Nephilim Warriors Series
Title- Blood Kiss
Series- Nephilim Warriors # 3
By-K.A. Young
Genre-Mature Audiences 18+-Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Julie manages her life the best way she knows how, by waking up everyday and putting one

foot in front of the other, along with a little help from modern medicine. Most days she holds

things together pretty well; as the mother of twin toddlers and a wife to a husband she can

barely stand she still manages to keep up appearances and paste a smile onto her face. Until

dreams of a sexy vampire plague her nights leaving her panting when she wakes.

Julie begins to struggle with her own urges though she dare not admit aloud that she now has

a taste for blood. She longs to indulge her desire by taking the vein of the vampire that makes

her quake with need. How much longer can she keep the creature inside of her at bay? Only

time will tell if Julie is strong enough to resist her darkest desire or if she even wants to try.
"I’m still having the dreams." I sighed and smoothed out my high ponytail as I stared at the large
floor plant in the corner of the office to avoid Dr. Weismann’s scrutinizing gaze. I could hear
him rocking back in his large office chair, something he always did as he waited for me to
continue, but this time I wasn’t planning to divulge anything further. I scrounged up the courage
to make eye contact with my psychiatrist of the past five years.
"Julie," he began as he peered over his reading glasses. "You are well aware that it is unwise to
withhold information from me. How am I to help you if you don’t trust me enough to confide in
He set his pad aside, and then folded his hands in his lap. He was attempting his silent chiding
technique. In as much as he had studied me to learn my patterns, I was also a diligent student.
This would only last three to five minutes, and then he would sigh and glance at the clock to
evaluate how much time remained in our session, which would leave a whopping three minutes. I
had timed my delivery perfectly; just enough time remained for him to write my prescriptions,
but not enough time remained to delve into the issue. I kept my face blank of any expression as I
watched him complete his ritual and tear off my prescription from his pad.
"All right, here are your prescriptions; it’s the usual two hundred milligrams of Zoloft, ten
milligrams of Ambien, but I’m upping your dosage of Klonopin to one milligram. You should see
a marked difference in your anxiety. I reached out to take the scripts from him when he pulled
them back. "Julie, you and I have made a lot of progress these past few years. You mustn’t allow
your insecurities to set us back a bit; you know can trust me."
"I do trust you, Dr. Weismann, and I will discuss this with you when I am ready. I need a little
time to process the dreams before I can talk about them. They’re… well, different than they used
to be."
His eyebrows shot up. "Different how?" I could tell he wanted to have this discussion now, but
luckily, time would not allow us to continue.
I sighed, "I… I don’t know, they just are. Can I have my scripts now, I need to pick up the kids
and get to the pharmacy, then the grocery store. I have a million things to do when I get home," I
pleaded with him to let this go.
He pressed the prescriptions into my open hand. "If you get shaky or have an extreme episode
like you did last month, you take two Klonopin and have Bill call me. This is nothing to play
around with, understand?"
I nodded and he opened the door. Thank the Lord God Almighty, I was out of there.
"You are not dreaming, Julie, and I am real. You know who I am; focus on my eyes and
remember." He caressed my cheek with one finger and I shivered as all my senses came alive.
His scent surrounded me as glimpses of the past filled his eyes.
We were smiling, happily walking hand in hand through a field at night. The scene changed and
we were in his bed, I could feel the satin sheets against my bare skin as I rolled on top of him,
mounting him, digging my nails into his chest, his head falling back, lips parting in ecstasy. His
arm snaked up around my neck, pulling me down to him, taking my mouth in a passionate kiss.
Our tongues intertwining wildly as I licked his left fang, then his right, filling his mouth with my
blood. A blood kiss always drove him insane with lust. He flipped me over and thrust into me in
an animalistic way. I was just as wild as he was. I barely recognized myself. The scene changed,
I was sitting in a recliner and he was kneeling at my feet, kissing the swell of my pregnant belly.
Upon that final memory, I fainted.
Author Interview with Indy Book Fairy-K.A. Young
When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I wanted to be a writer for
as long as I can remember. In elementary I used to come up with different
pen names that I might use one day. lol My current pen name never made it on that list.
Do you have a process? I’m not really an outline writer, I enjoy going in
whatever direction the characters take me on. What is always consistent
in my writing process is there is always music playing in the background.
Who or What is your inspiration? People inspire me. Everywhere I go, I
see something that makes me go hmm, that could be a good story.
What will you be working on next? The Elise Michaels Series will be my
sole focus for the next few months unless inspiration takes me on a different journey.
What's your favorite genre to write? Paranormal is my favorite at present.
Favorite paranormal read? That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say the Charley Davidson Series.
Favorite Author? I’m going to go with Darynda Jones because I love her writing style.
Person you would like to meet most in this world?
If you could be any character from one of your books who would it be?
Definitely Elise, she’s fun, energetic and total blast to hang out with.
Fast Fairy Questions-(one word answers PLZ)
Apple or Windows? Apple
Dog or Cat? Dog
Pepsi or Coke? Coke
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Summer or Winter? Summer
Fairies or Angels? Fairies
Dark or Light Fae? Dark Fae
Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires
Amazon or Barnes and Noble? Amazon
Funny or Serious? Funny
Print or E-book? E-book
Eyes or Smile? Eyes
Dean or Sam (Supernatural)? Dean
Dream spot to visit? Fiji
About the Author-
K.A. Young is a paranormal/ urban fantasy romance author that lives with her family in the
South. She began writing because her mind was swimming with incredible stories that were
begging to be told. Her love for reading began as a small child when she realized that a good
book was an instant escape to a mystical land that could be reached anytime and from
My Review

Blood Kiss (Nephilim Warrior, #3)Blood Kiss by K.A. Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review *****

O.M.G. I am in love with this series, I have read the last two books and I love it but this one just made it a little harder to choose witch one I love more.

I love the characters and how this story tell you more of the supernatural. it will show u a little more about the werewolf's and it would tell you a lot more about the vampire race and where they come from. and I love it how there is some twist and a part where it took me by surprise and I totally love it.

on the first and second book we met Julie, Anna sister, and we met Torch, Eli best friend, this book is focused on Julie and Torch.

the story begging with Julie, now Julie is trying to manage her life the best way she could, by waking up everyday and take care of her twins also having a little help from her the same time she is trying to stay in control when it comes to deal with her husband, she begging to struggle with her own urges that she is having but she wont admitted aloud that's she is craving blood, she gets a visit from and old friend that end up revealing to her what she really is, that's when she decide to take control of her life again.

after she find out what she really is and get a visit from her sister Anna, her urges become more notice, that's when Torch show up oh my torch he is just TALL DARK AND HANDSOME and Julie can not denied the attraction that she is feeling for him witch is the same feeling that Torch has for her.

I love seen this two together, love it how Torch care so much for Julie but he is so don't want to go there but can not denied that he will protect her anyway he can. and all Julie is thinking about is her feelings for Torch and how she cares for him, while I was reading I kept telling my self how is it that Torch know so much about vampires and where they come from, that's when it click he is half vampire and I love it when theirs a part of the book that Julie ask him you have fangs and all Torch do is smile at her and say you just notice that.

I really enjoy reading this book, and cant wait to read more of this series.

I said twice I am saying it for the third time thank you Author K.A. Young for introducing me to this amazing characters, and this awesome book I love reading them.

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